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Doug: Hi there this is Doug Sutton with Hypervibe today we have a special guest we have Donna Brackley from Melbourne Australia and she’s a top physiotherapist and I really appreciate her investment of time today to speak a little bit about her knowledge and her experience working with whole body vibration and with that I just want to say welcome Donna and I’m so honored and happy to have you here today done if you.

Dana: Thank you, Doug, and thank you for the opportunity, I really appreciate it.

My pleasure. Dana if you don’t mind sharing about your background and tell us about your business and your specialty and what it is that you actually do?

Dana: Sure. I’m a physiotherapist and I specialize in clinical Pilates and I use whole body vibration training in that format too. I run my own studio, my own clinical Pilates studio, and I work with clients one on one, one on two, so very tailored very specific work with the clients and my clients are musculoskeletal in nature so lots of back pain, neck pain, thoracic pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, osteoarthritis, movement dysfunctions, postural issues, scoliosis so wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Yeah so that’s what got you to evolve into the clinical Pilates that’s something I hadn’t actually had until now even heard of the combination between being a physiotherapist and using clinical Pilates?

Dana: Well with physio there’s a lot of exercise rehab involved in getting someone back to their optimal function and Pilates is such an intelligent exercise method and it just may went hand-in-hand with back rehab and it became very passionate about it I just love the way it makes you feel the results you see from it so I just continue down that path but I wanted to know more and more and yeah it’s very connected very least obviously so it’s a great combination.

Wow so I’m curious then how many years in practice and when was it you actually became aware of full body vibration?

Dana: Right, well my business has it’s going into its fifth year, yeah but I finish it physio in 95 or something like that and got my floaties education in 2000 when I was actually over in America I wanted is that there so that was great but I discovered called body vibration is probably about nine years ago I was on holidays in Singapore and I happen to be walking through a shopping center and in the middle of the shopping center there was a big pop-up store with all massage gadgets and vibrating this and that I notice this platform that was vibrating up and down and anything that claims movement benefits or health benefits I want to go and investigate they’re interested in it. So, I was intrigued by this vibrating platform and I thought about the balance training that could be done on something like this because physios and clinical Pilates therapists we do a lot of balance training we use wobble boards or foam cushions something to create your unstable surface or to provide more feedback so that’s what I was intrigued about this this model was just a very low grade model probably gave you a little bit of a massage and a little bit of an unstable surface but it did get me looking into it when I came home and the research blew me away when I started looking into it the physiological benefits from whole body vibration training is incredible and looking at NASA’s program and the European Space Agency and Russian Olympic team what they were doing and researching with this vibration platform and the effects of gravity on the body well for NASA and astronauts a lack of gravity and the physiological results from that so the research is mind-blowing and I am so grateful for the spin-offs that we get from that research that we can use here on earth and I must say I’m so grateful to Murray and Brie for creating Hypervibe the machine that actually does deliver the results that you see from these scientific programs you have the right physical formulation you know with the platform the frequency and this Hypervibe actually does deliver that and so you can get the physiological benefits so I must pop that in there and say I’m so grateful that we can use that technology here on earth at an affordable price not like NASA’s Galia of Galileo or whatever which is 20,000 so long story short that’s where my first discovered whole body vibration training and I’ve brought it into my clinical Pilates practice because of the benefits that you get from it.

Wow that’s amazing I appreciate that background and just out of curiosity how did you find Hypervibe?

Dana: Again, it’s all that wonderful research on Google and just looking into all the different machines that are out there what frequencies they provide what amplitudes what you know the cost the size of platforms all that so stuff and I Hypervibe just came out with the right formulation and an affordable price and the service like they’re so supportive of their community that uses technology so that’s with yeah that’s how I ended up with Hypervibe.

Doug: Well, that’s great that’s one of the things that actually drew me to not just working with Hypervibe by but reinforcing why Hypervibe and when you start to experience studies and understanding the science behind it and those important factors of what is the most important things to look for when you’re looking at a great whole body vibration platform and certainly having that pivotal platform as opposed to linear and then range of frequencies if you can get narrow down to two things it’s the range of frequencies because as you said that the balance in the wobble board effect is actually really important to be able to have in a whole-body vibration platform yet many of the other pivotal platforms are platforms don’t have the capabilities of hitting the higher frequencies which provide even greater benefits for a number of different conditions.

Dana: That’s exactly right and that’s why I love the Hypervibe because of as you said the frequency range and I have I you can really target different conditions and focus on different benefits because of that range and it’s so important yeah I do a lot of balance training with my clients because balance not only important for our athletes that need it for their performance but for everybody in everyday living and their safety in that but also our brain health particularly as we age our brain our vestibular system our cerebellum they need that constant input and challenge to the nervous system to age healthily so balance training is very important not only for the physical requirements that our brain health so I love having the lower range and the higher range of frequencies to use yeah.

Doug: That’s great a couple examples of you know actually benefits that you’ve seen with different clients of yours you know in various conditions just a couple that actually stand out to you there are some of your favorite stories.

Dana: Yes, I have so many I could list so many different conditions that I see great results with I’ll also say – I have a G17 in my studio so that stays and it’s private place in the studio and I also have a G10 mini which is a little one and because of the size I can move it around my studio and place it next to my Pilates equipment next to the reformists next to the track towers and things like that so I use it and stack the gains with what I’m trying to achieve with the Pilates and the physio exercises as well so depending on I’ll give you an example in Pilates we have an exercise called scooter and you’ll stand on one leg on the floor other leg will be on the machine and you’re pushing the carriage back so we use this to strengthen gluteus or the bottom muscles or pelvic stability and core stability and general leg strength or it could be for balance as well so depending on what I’m trying to target I will focus on different elements of the exercise but I’ll pull the G 10 mini next to the reformer instead of standing on the floor the client will stand on the G 10 and get the vibrations stacked with the exercise and the benefits so if I was trying to strengthen their gluteus that was the prime focus I would have the frequency up really high you know tap into that spinal reflex that occur stimulate more nerve endings more muscle fibers so it heightens the strength requirements and the strength gain of the exercise so I use that a lot combining those blood is exercise for the musculoskeletal condition with the whole body vibration training if I wanted to target the balance component of that exercise I would have the frequency down low and therefore we’ve got that unstable platform providing more proprioceptive feedback through the leg through the body through to the vestibular system cerebellum and just really heightening that balance challenge and then the gain so there’s so many benefits that I see with many of my musculoskeletal conditions I love it I have a scoliosis the station at the moment and just even by standing on a platform and tapping into that high spinal reflex muscle fiber stimulation we are just getting so many more spinal stabilizing muscles activated and often with scoliosis some of those muscles will be a little bit inhibited around certain parts of the curve of the spine so it’s just a brilliant platform on which to exercise and accelerate the gains other conditions that I love people I have you know people post bunion surgery or they have bunions and plantar fasciitis heel pain and so just by purely standing on the platform they get the sensation through their feet which we think sort of conditions sometimes they’ll have a lack of sensation and like a neuropathy and they can’t feel their feet so you feel that vibration through the platform they love to feel that and then it can help with the pain because their body picks up on the sensation of the vibration that they’re getting from the machine and it closes the gate as a paint a theory that closes the pain sensation that keeps traveling up to the brain and focuses on the vibration so it really helps pain control speaking of lower limb type stuff anyone that has a lot of lower leg swelling or swelling for whatever reason Varicose veins again by standing on the platform even if they don’t do anything but they’re standing on it there’s that cellular level vibration through the tissues created from the vibration and it just helps move lymph fluid and everything back up through the leg through the system body then if you stack that with the calf muscle pump exercise you know where you raise up and down on your toes and you use that calf contraction to pump the blood back up the veins and help return the fluid to the heart and filter around through the body you know you just you just it’s a an environment where you can accelerate the gains that you’re trying to get just on the ground so many different conditions I could go on.

Doug: I really appreciate that so I’m curious and I hope that you have you have any actual photographs of the Hypervibe. We will make sure that they’re posted below here we’re going to have this hosted on a private page within our site and also a link on the YouTube channel so people can actually find out how they can actually look and see how you’re using it and I’m so fascinated and excited to hear some of these new things that I haven’t actually heard yet before in terms of how people are using the Hypervibe in their practices and it makes complete sense everything you shared because I have such an understanding of the benefits of whole body vibration and then I’ve also done Pilates I’ve been on a reformer before I hadn’t thought about that so for any other Pilates studio or other type of fitness studio especially if you have someone like yourself that has that that background as a physiotherapist and the knowledge of understanding how whole body vibration works I can see how that would be a tremendous benefit in any type of studio setting to complement and enhance the effect of what no matter what it is in this case the reformer equipment and doing what you would normally do in Pilates and just adding Hypervibe to that.

Dana: Yes, I love stacking the gains and to me it’s a really integrated whole body approach to maximizing all the gains tapping into nervous system into muscles into balance all of it and yeah, it’s great so excited to be having.

Doug: Yeah as a business growth expert and that’s really what brought me into working with Hypervibe I worked with companies in a multitude of different industries over the years and one of the things that’s always very important to do is identify how can any business create an advantage in their marketplace over any and all other businesses that are just like theirs in such a way that they can show real tangible benefits and results so what I’m also hearing from you is that as a as an expert as a physiotherapist who also happens to specialize in Pilates and you have this Pilates studio that the fact that you’re integrating Hypervibe into that my sentence and what it seems like is it actually creates a competitive advantage in your marketplace that you’re giving people a reason to choose coming to your studio as opposed to any and all other options that they have including doing nothing at all.

Dana: Yeah, I completely agree. I see there’s a whole another step up to providing even better service and gaining better results its um yeah again I keep referring to that comment stacking the gains it’s just yeah, it’s another level I think to bring whole body vibration training into these disciplines so really benefit.

Doug: I’m really excited to not only know that to continue to support you and your practice in any way that we can because it is it’s such a I’m so passionate personally for myself and you were mentioning those calf exercises and strengthen that and you know one of the things for me when I had an l5 s1 microdiscectomy is I had damaged along my us1 nerve roots so I wasn’t able to lift my left heel off the ground for you know be nine months to a year after my surgery and then I started using the Hypervibe and the speed with which I recovered and in my I had one of the top spine surgeons literally in the world he’s been professional athletes all over the world that come and have surgery from him and all he does is spine surgery he told me he said Doug you may never get the movement back in that calf and so for me I hear that as a challenge and I was like okay game on I appreciate you saying that and I’m going to find out how to make that work and I was so fortunate to come across Hypervibe and that drew me into having more of a professional relationship with Hypervibe because of the impact that it had on my on my personal life so I love hearing that story from you as well.

Dana: Yeah, that’s a wonderful story and personal experience, because it really is an acceleration tool and to be able to tap in to a spinal reflex that you can’t get just by exercising on the ground is phenomenal we’re very lucky that we can use that technology and it’s just another level to reach your gains quicker and probably more efficiently and yeah so it’s a wonderful piece of technology I must say too just I should’ve said this before I love it even before I go into the studio and I have a big day obsessions ahead and just to sort of give myself the metabolic boost or the energy that you require to go in and you know give the most to your clients to help them achieve what they do I just go and stand on up for three minutes and just and I’ll use this for my clients too that coming in there they might be in a bit of pain or they’re fatigued for whatever reason I’m not quite ready to get into their session and do the work to come in and stand on the Hypervibe for a couple minutes you just see the change in mental alertness there’s a rush of endorphins increasing blood flow it just wakes the system up and stimulates it in and you’re ready to go you know so it’s also really beneficial just to feel good and prepare yourself for the rehab or the work or.

Doug: Yeah, I really appreciate you sharing because I was about to ask you how do you use it for yourself and what you just shared is something I for myself I use and I’m also incredibly passionate about corporate wellness and including people that that work in office environments even if they’re standing for multiple for multiple hours standing by yourself if you’re not moving either it’s better than sitting still is something where your body’s not moving your bloods not circulating and you don’t have an endorphin rush and you know I have the honor and privilege to go visit the Google corporate office their corporate headquarters and they have a Hypervibe G17 in their corporate office for the purposes of having their employees and they’re known as one of the top corporate cultures in the world for employee wellness and they’ve got an amazing 10,000 square foot exercise facility on their campus and I had the opportunity to visit that but what was so interesting is hearing you know how they’re actually using the Hypervibe in just two to three minutes just to go spend on it if you’ve been sitting behind the desk if you’ve been you know just feeling lethargic in the middle of the day and you’ve got that mental fog that kicks in and sometimes there’s that impulse or urge to go be a caffeine and get some coffee if you want to do that that’s okay also but you can go and just stand on the machine and just in a couple minutes completely change your physiology completely change your focus your alertness and be so much more productive with your work tasks then you would have otherwise before and you know it’s my hope and believe that in addition to Google but there will be other organizations out there that we can do some real research studies on Hypervibe to show the benefits and increase in productivity and corporate wellness.

Dana: Yes, I think that is brilliant and I would love to see it in physio practices for the physios that give so much physical energy and mental energy to be able to go like that quickly in between sessions and it’s so easy to it’s so easy and enjoyable to stand and benefit from that technology and I think we all love that you know it’s not a hard thing to want to go you know just stand there and reap the benefit so I think I think you’re right but in corporate wellness it’s going to really take off or I hope it does take off because the benefits are great.

Doug: Yeah, well and to your point it is another thing too because there’s a physiotherapist or any health-related professional they invest in equipment all the time that’s this part of you know business owners you invest in equipment and this is one of those pieces of equipment that you and your entire staff can use and actually receive benefits from every single day and the people that I know that how they’re Hypervibe it is it is it is the one must and it is for me there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t use my Hypervibe and I’m traveling in business to another city I’ll go find out and I look into database and hopefully there’s a there’s a location that has a Hypervibe close by and I’ll see if I can go stop in and use it because I noticed the difference and it’s great for your employees and for your staff it is one of those things the other thing I love about it too is that your body gets the equivalent of a good exercise and you can be wearing a man in a business suit or a woman with a with a dress and heels and not break a sweat and go right back to work and get all those benefits.

Dana: I know and what’s really important I think is there’s a lot of barriers that stop people from going out and grabbing that exercise and doing the right thing for their body and you can just you don’t have to go in and get changed you don’t have to break a sweat and be on there for an hour you can go and just stand in what you’ve got on and for a couple minutes really reap a lot of physical benefits so yeah and I think the more barriers the less areas that we have to work through the better it is we’ve got to make it easy and with our busy lifestyle.

Doug: It is and that’s another thing that we see with people that habits are hard to change and we know in our society that a lot of people have developed habits that aren’t serving them they’re not they’re not supporting they’re a greater quality and longevity of their life because of not moving their body enough and one of the great things about Hypervibe is that it’s very minimally interrupting in your lifestyle. Even if you’re not feeling like you’re ready to go to the gym and start lifting weights or running on a treadmill and having to take the time to go change clothes and that huge interruption out of your day just in a couple minutes a day and what’s also great I love about the Hypervibe one of our clients mentioned this it was just a great example is that she said it was an elderly woman and what she loved most about the Hypervibe is that she just gets to show up and stand on it and it kind of does the work for her of course she’s still doing the work but it’s the Hypervibe helps to initiate that movement so she feels like it’s a training partner of hers that’s helping her get that workout in in a way that she would not have otherwise done.

Dana: Yeah, that’s such a brilliant way of thinking about it a training partner that really helps you to get you where you need to be and often you know it’s that first step that’s the hardest so if you’ve got this training partner that helps you get there and it’s easy and you’re on it for a couple of minutes more often than not you’ll stand on it you’ll do a lot more than you had ever intended to do because you start to feel good and so you’ll be on there probably for 10 minutes and you thought I’ll just go to 3 because it feels so good and then you start exploring rising up and down on your toes and weight shifting and feeling it in different parts of your body then you decide to squat you feel your legs start to really enjoy that that feeling of strength that they get by being on the Hypervibe so yeah I like that idea of it being a training partner as well that’s a great one, yep.

Doug: Well Dan is there any other stories or anything you want to share in terms of just like really you know interesting things that you’ve seen with Hypervibe?

Dana: There are so many that I can pull from my brain I didn’t mention as physios into the Pilates the pelvic floor is very important in in the core support of the body it’s one of those foundational muscles that needs to be strong and activated to support the court and again because you can tap into more muscle fiber recruitment you do see the pelvic floor strengthen up a lot quicker because of that lift that is created from the spinal reflex on the Hypervibe so I got a lot of pelvic floor training specifically on the machine so all the physio exercises that you would normally do for pelvic floor again popping them on the machine heightening the effect of it and playing around with the position too so standing or kneeling or sitting can really change the sensation that people feel through their pelvic floor and how to activate it so I see a lot of great success with that so that’s a really good use.

Doug: That’s great. I really greatly appreciate your investment of time today and I hope that this is the first of a few dialogues that we’ll end up having I have a sense that probably will be and I know that we’ll have a link below but if you want to share this real quick how people can find you or any type of information if you have a website or anything to share but again we’ll also link it below.

Dana: Yes, well if it’s my email I’m very happy for people to reach out and email and start that conversation and dialogue so yes more than more than now I’d love to chat with people about this because I’m very passionate about it as well so yeah I would be grateful if you pop that up there and then we can spread the conversation.

Doug: That’s right I’m so grateful for you Danna and so many other of our top experts around the world that are using Hypervibe with different backgrounds different modalities different types of medical professionals and each one of them the one common denominator that I’ve found is that they’re all so passionate about it that they can share it with other people and you know that there’s a certain point and I think for each one of us no matter what our background or our profession is that there’s a certain phase that once we create a certain level of stability and success in our life that we want to actually then start sharing that and create a ripple effect for other people and because we know that the only way that we got to where we are is because certain people went out of their way to help us and to educate us and to introduce us to new things and so I’m so grateful for you and just honored to have you here on this on this you know webinar podcast that we’re doing here today and look forward to supporting you in any way that we can here at Hypervibe provide and again we’ll have your information links below and again thank you very much for your time today.

Dana: Thank Doug I really appreciate it too I’m grateful for your passion too in helping as you said all of us share this sort of wonderful technology and benefit so thank you, I really appreciate it.

Doug: My pleasure thank you.

Dana: All right.

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