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Doug: Well hello we have today a special guest with us in our expert interview series Dr. Rick Letts so the Pain Management Center of Irvine in Irvine, California Rick really appreciate your investment of time today and look forward to diving deep with you and learning as much as we can about your practice.

Dr. Letts: I appreciate the opportunity Doug.

Doug: Absolutely so if you don’t mind sure a little bit about your business your background how long you’ve been in business and what it is that you actually do.

Dr. Letts: Well that’s a long story been at this for a long time I basically moved at Irvine in the early 70s and finished high school there and then ended up going you know my undergraduate degree at UC Irvine in biology always having an aspiration to do something in medicine I actually almost went to dental school and became a specialist in sports medicine dental work but decided that chiropractic had a little bit more of a broader approach to the entire body so I end up getting my degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic from in Los Angeles and then started my practice literally in Irvine because that’s where I was from what made sense and I started that practice in 1985 with my partner at the time with Dan Sigler and we had a fabulous practice things were really doing well and we specialize in sports medicine and mainly just a good chiropractic type of office and years went by and obviously insurance companies changed and think the whole environment became different and I started feeling that we needed to do something a little bit more integrative so about five years ago I became a medical corporation named paint pain management center of Irvine and we integrated the entire practice so I have a partner his name is Dr. Adam Weissman he’s a trauma specialist and he heads up as our medical director we have a nurse practitioner Sheryl Stanton and we have a physician assistant her name is Amelia Narcisitö sorry I have a lot of people that work for me I apologize and then we have Dr. Song our acupuncturist we have two amazing massage therapists so we try to integrate the practice but basically Doug on a wellness platform we don’t believe in prescribing any scheduled medication we try to avoid any types of surgeries that are very unnecessary and we manage pain like I said on a very much of a strong thorough wellness type platform and it’s been really effective very efficacious and we’ve expanded into other types of procedures of in our office they have really set us above and beyond most practices that perform integrative services we brought in the stem cell program our PRP program and now we have an in-house pharmaceutical program that’s just unbelievable for pain patches and such but we’re really trying to expand and bring in a really strong effective therapies to keep patients away from the addictive medications that are so well-known now in our media as far as the opioids and the opiate problem that’s just completely out of control our office like literally sets itself aside from following that if you know that trap and we refuse to do so we want to keep our patients healthy on a wellness program that makes sense we approach their diets we have an amazing medical weight loss program that is extremely effective in fact I’m a guinea pig I lasts over 75 pounds on it myself so it’s a great practice I’m very proud of it I’m very proud of our goals in our medical model I’m also extremely proud of the people that work for me they’re amazing I’m very now.

Doug: That’s great it’s I what I love is seeing people like you doing more and more of the integrative approach and some of these people that are truly leading this this way in in our society to give access to more holistic and alternative forms of medicine to prevent the need to take the opioids and this crisis that we have in our country that our traditional models often times subscribe to for whatever reason and you know it’s amazing I recently gave a talk a couple of months ago and you know spoken to and discovered that it’s from the 1930s to the 1960s doctors actually prescribed and recommended cigarettes to their patients thinking that that would actually help them with their health and it wasn’t that they were attempting to do harm they just weren’t aware of the negative impact and today you know we can replace cigarettes and put opioids in there which are much more dangerous actually much more addictive and lethal and it’s just something that’s happening but people aren’t aware of it so I honor you and people like yourself that are leading this way to introduce alternative forms of medicines so we can prevent these terrible situations that are happening in our world and give people you know more holistic approaches that that that could lead to a greater state of health.

Doug: I really appreciate your recognition on that I’ll tell you one of the saddest things on the biggest travesties I’ve ever had to encounter was calling a young athletes parents to my office and having to have them understand that their son was addicted to the opiates that were given to him by the team doctor it was simply a quick-fix scenario his addiction was so bad that it basically ended his football career but the parents were so thankful that I recognized the problem was they weren’t around him as much because he was living away from home and we basically saved that boy’s life and that’s just one example of so many that we’ve seen and I really I really demand that the medical platform with opiates changes the government needs to get involved more you know it really changed the platform visits we proved it on a daily basis you really do not need to go into that direction if you follow the guidelines that we provide for you the commitment that our team gives you the support that we give you can avoid doing something like that and follow a wellness platform they’ll get you just as well maybe they’ll take a little longer but he’ll get you better faster and healthier.

Doug: Yeah that’s great so and I definitely agree with you a hundred percent on that so I’m curious you know as we transition to you know get into a number of different modalities like you had mentioned there’s stem-cell there’s all that there’s acupuncture that you do in your practice you have been utilizing whole body vibration and I’m curious how you first heard about that and then why you landed on Hypervibe what your experiences has been thus far in the clinic with that?

Dr. Letts: Well I’ve never told you the story and I’m going to I’m going to evolve it now so you really get an understanding in the late 90s into the early 2000s I travel with the NFL and I got exposed to some of the best training programs in the world I mean second to none trainers gifted physicians coaches there were you know obviously professional coaches that really gave their complete commitment to their players and I got exposed to vibration therapy early on by those professional teams and I started really observing the benefit to the players who were subjected to a multiplicity of different injuries using the proper that platform that that instrument and getting great results and so later as we became more integrated in my practice it became so evident to me that had that had to be part of my rehabilitation room or we’d take our patients and our athletes and have them begin the rehabilitation program and the Hypervibe became literally one of the strongest component or instrument in that in that room and it’s I’ll tell you Doug I could probably put five or six more in there and still keep them busy and almost around the clock it’s so popular patients initially a little apprehensive they feel that while they’ve read in the media that you know there’s all these concerns and once we bring them into an introductory platform and then they start graduating and create a cadence of confidence and they start using or utilizing the entire you know benefit of that product or that machine it’s profound the results we’ve seen with this as unbelievable its I’d recommend it to any physician that has any interest in rehabilitation it’s amazing.

Doug: Well appreciate you sharing that and also speaking into the common myth that people have about whole body vibration and some of the challenges or dangers that there are with that and you know unfortunately often times it’s confused with occupational whole body vibration right we’re looking with a jackhammer or on a big piece of Caterpillar equipment all day for extended periods of time in an uncompromising or unhealthy physiological position if they’re sitting in a chair with a poor posture they’re being exposed to that type of vibration that certainly has a lot of danger potential to it as well and a lot of harm that can be done whereas you know therapeutic whole body vibration in a controlled setting with equipment like this with the right type of equipment I would also add you know being that pivotal platform instead of the linear platform and oh NASA did a research study around that where they showed that the linear platform where the entire platform goes up and down there’s some of those platforms out there has up to 180 percent more head vibrations in the pivotal platform that really mimics the natural movement of human physiology because our hips move independently so you know in that controlled study with that pivotal platform you know there’s tremendous results that are that are being experienced and realized for you know patients and individuals that are that are young athletes that are wanting to recover from injury all the way up to I recently had a therapist send me photos of a maybe four year old woman that was on a Hypervibe she working with her balance and her strength and being able to have mobility and lack of pain just from utilizing Hypervibe.

Dr. Letts: Well I could expand upon that Doug trust me and in my office there’s I’ll tell you technically very few patients that aren’t exposed to the Hypervibe based upon its technology again and trust me I did my research I didn’t just call you guys and say hey send me a machine I am a very research-based individual and I’ll once I understood how your technology was developed and again witnessing it in other facilities and seeing the efficacy results that made me bring it into my office again and just didn’t go by the name okay and as far as the broad spectrum of patients and conditions we could spend hours here together but I’ll give you a synopsis you’re right we do use it on our young athletes especially with weight-bearing joints we find that it increases circulatory benefits oxygenation of revealing tissue and also it stimulates the broad base of the neuro muscular skeletal system you get that neural I’m sorry that you get to basically their neurology working well with the musculoskeletal system so everything becomes more imbalanced and it’s working you know kind of a I don’t know whatever you want to call it the body just wants to work together better follow me everything is stimulated at once again going back to the prospect our patients you’ve mentioned our stem cell patients I’ll give you a great example one of my stem cell patients prior to her injection was wheelchair-bound the woman would not even look at me during our consultation I had to discuss the entire consultation through her husband she was so depressed and so angry she wouldn’t give me eye contact and stayed in that wheelchair the whole time or that our consultation once she was medically qualified by medical by my medical staff she received her injection let’s just say within about four months she was using no wheelchair the wheelchair was sold she was aggressively on the Hypervibe literally teaching other patients in the room on how to use it I mean she’s literally bettering herself she smiled she was talkative shoot again we gave her a life back and again all based on the fact that the stem cells did their job and rehabilitating and rejuvenating the knee but also her following our strict protocol as far as post injection rehabilitation to bring patients back to that confidence that they deserve people should not be robbed of things like that early in life now she plays with her grandchildren she’s hiking with her family and again it just really hit me in the heart I’ll tell you to see this woman have a new life back so that’s one of many examples they give you as far as how we incorporate Hypervibe into our protocol with numerous types of services in our office but I would tell you Doug it’s probably one of the strongest tools in our you know in our toolbox for rehabilitating our weight-bearing stem cell injection patients it’s incredible.

Doug: Wow well I’ve got chills when you share that story it’s just nothing makes me more excited and happy when I hear stories like that of people’s lives being transformed and you know certainly there’s other components like in this case with this patient it was stem cell and in addition to that there is that that post treatment protocol and what can you do to support and increase the likelihood that they’re going to not just actually get back to where they can be mobile they’re probably better than they have been in multiple years and having Hypervibe an integral role in that is just it’s so amazing to hear and I love it so you know and I understand too that you shared stories with me that you know with your pain management center that you have an Irvine not just in Orange County California but you have patients flying from around the world for your treatments isn’t that right?

Dr. Letts: Humbly so we have we’ve had a woman fly in from London orthopedic surgeon found out about our services and our stem cell program did me and decided that she was a great candidate for this particular injection flew all the way from London and a part of the story I may not have evolved was that after her injection she only had a very short period of time to stay here in the United States and thus required to go back there was a family issue that she had to go back but she actually returned and we were able to expose her to the post injection rehab program that was necessary for her and to this day I stay in contact with her by email and by Facebook and she’s active and pretty much pain free and not enjoying a normal life in fact I think for either one of her family members is getting married and I think she’ll be coming back to the United States for that wedding and we’ll be able to see her again and touch base with her and see her progress so yes you’re right Doug we do get patients from literally I mean every day is an exciting day because we don’t know how patients are being referred to us.

Doug: Yeah that’s incredible and I understand for you the non-negotiable really is that is that post treatment protocol because they’re not doing that the likelihood of them having that that full recovery and experiencing the mobility and the lack of pain or whatever that outcome is the desired outcome the odds of that happening are decreased tremendously without having that post treatment protocol and you’re utilizing Hypervibe as part of that.

Dr. Letts: Well you know I think that there are probably two camps of thought the one is the physician office that will deliver the stem cell injection or the PRP protocol and just let the patient progress naturally on their own and hope for the best we try to take chance out of the equation with my background sports medicine I want to make sure that the patient understands the commitment to becoming a stem cell patient they have to follow the post injection rehabilitation program which is usually a little over a month to two months depending on the patient’s recovery so that we can ensure that we’re improving circulation we’re watching their behavior as far as dietary you know choice isn’t it and such and we can expose them to again devices like the Hypervibe that we can make sure that they’re strengthening the muscles that are been weak over time remember we’re treating with a stem cell aggressively degenerated joint so can imagine the surrounding soft tissue of that joint it’s hot you know hype it’s it became atrophied its weak its lazy there’s no ligamentum teres II the circulation is poor all these things need to be rehabilitated in in addition to the stem cell injection the stem cells will do their job they’ll rehabilitate the joint and they’ll rejuvenate the tissue in that area but as far as the post injection rehabilitation program that’s going to aggressively bring the strength back to that joint and the confidence we don’t want patients to get an injection not have the stability fall and break something else follow me that’s terrible we want someone who followed the entire program and we and very insisted upon it patients that are not cooperative they’re highly warrant trust me we make sure that they know that this is a team effort.

Doug: Yeah well that that’s I found that to be true with when I study some of the best people in the world and the best medical experts in the world like yourself that are there doing different types of modalities that it’s not just me the treatment of the procedure it’s what you do afterwards that that dictates whether you’re going to have that recovery go back to a normal life or not I had a spine surgery with Dr. Robert Watkins up in Marina del Rey you might know that needs one of the top spine surgeons in the world and in his post-surgery protocol was a vital component of that and I utilized the Hypervibe as part of that and you know I had a lot of nerve damage on my s-1 nerve and therefore the muscles weren’t firing and they just weren’t communicating with the brain to be able to be activated and you know having that Hypervibe one of the things that I use for myself was an integral part would be being able to get mobility movement back and you see that with you know people like him as an example I think it’s around 88 or 89 percent of professional athletes return to their sport after having the surgery it’s the it’s not just the procedure the procedure is the procedure it’s what you do after that having the care and guidance of an expert like yourself where where patients are compliant and they’re following through with that that’s the real secret sauce from my understanding.

Dr. Letts: I couldn’t agree with you more seriously again and I’ll give another example and besides the stem cell patients I mentioned earlier on that we have a weight loss program that’s medically guided you know it’s very it’s a very sound safe program that’s based on an outline you know orientation we make sure that patients minimize your carbohydrate intake and sugar intake increase their hydration and I’ll obviously increase their protein intake and do it more of a lifestyle than a diet what am I they were changing their whole frame of mind as far as how they encounter their eating habits throughout the day but now think about this with our arcs for having the Hypervibe that stimulation of the adipose tissue putting them through the rigorous programs that Hypervibe allows them to go through based on age and tolerance it accelerates metabolism of adipose and what a wonderful opportunity for us and here’s the best part I’ve yet to meet weight loss patient that doesn’t remind us that they have to do the Hypervibe they leave their point it’s amazing they meet the medical staff and check in and have their measurements and have their little brief consultation they don’t really have to go in there and do their Hypervibe for their 20min allowance for 30 minutes because they’re so enthralled with the response it’s getting there so pretty exciting.

Doug: It’s you know we usually loosely use the term in the phrase a shortcut to a better body with Hypervibe and it’s not that we believe in you must take shortcuts or you should be thinking that instead of doing the other things that are so important to be able to achieve the desired outcomes and the better body that people are looking for although one of the most challenging things whether it’s someone who really has been struggling with weight loss or having a habit of not exercising as we know habits are really hard to break because we get those neural pathways in the brain that gets so hard wired and that also applies to people that are exercising regularly and eating healthy that’s hard for them to switch that habit to a more negative habit although when we have those people that you know it’s challenging for them they never develop those positive habits of exercise the great thing about Hypervibe is in just a few minutes a day because of that that massive stimulation and what it actually does to your body in even five to ten minutes really if that’s all someone had to go stand on this machine and then it gets you moving because it kind of does the work for you in a lot of ways now certainly there’s different positions and postures but it’s like having a workout partner that if you show up to the party so to speak it’s going to meet you there and it’s going to initiate that movement for you on your behalf and that makes it a lot easier than going out on a trail and running on your own and again that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t do that we love people of doing all kinds of different exercises it’s just a great bridge for people and especially people that have minimal time to have that stimulation and to be able to initiate that movement in a positive direction to get their body moving to get their metabolism moving the circulation and then also the lymphatic system the relationship with that.

Dr. Letts: Yeah we take this to the Nth degree I have 2 pro golfers that are rehabilitating thoracic spine injuries you know golf is it has it’s negative effect on the spine you know it’s an it’s a very demanding swing yet cause sacral lumbar or even thoracic cervical injuries and conditions and both of these golfers have thoracic lumbar conditions that we rehabilitate both were very familiar with vibratory plate technology because of whatever explosion they had throughout their professional career and we brought that in with their you know again we coordinated the Hypervibe with their other treatments being you know like acupuncture massage therapy says it will therapy the chiropractic even trigger point actions were included with their protocols and bringing the Hypervibe again I saw an accelerated response visit again it stimulated the entire body and allowed to buy to kind of find an equilibrium and kind of almost compensate from the injuries and disperse that muscle stimulation so they had more confidence a lot of when both of them actually went back to the tour pretty quickly I was pretty impressed again you know again have listened having that tool in the in the tool chest is just giving me that much more added advantage over what I used to not when I didn’t have it right and now seeing the difference I wish I knew this thirty six years ago trust me what a change I could have made.

Doug: Yeah yeah absolutely well it’s I appreciate you speaking into golf because it is such a popular sport there’s so many people in the United States and around the world that love that it’s a passion and a couple different things we actually have a couple professional golfers that actually have the Hypervibe on their tour bus for them it’s pre and post round it helps to activate and get the get the muscles activated before you go out which help as you know helps to prevent injury and you know sore muscles and then also post round treatment just to loosen everything up there the lactic acid out and it just helps your body recover a lot quicker by having that and a lot of people are doing that but then there’s also the elderly population because one of the things about golf you can do it for a long time as long as you remain healthy and when you can add years of quality of life back to people as they become older when their body starts to naturally break down to be able to help change that trajectory by utilizing Hypervibe whole body vibration it does add those years of quality of life back and you know I know for some of the people that we’ve communicated with you know when you’re talking about an extra two three five years of life quality that you can add to someone that’s significant.

Dr. Letts: You and uh you know it’s something that we’re not really prepared for as a society is that as people in this generation are taking better care of themselves dietarily and obviously being more and more active we’re having a longer lifestyle people are living longer yeah it’s because of these tools and these programs and the wellness approach people are really kicking in with this and they’re enjoying it like again going back to the wall in the wheelchair she’s enjoying a whole new level of lifestyle that she thought she lost and now she’s back in the game and that him joining every day and what a change for her mental aspect is her whole outlook towards life it’s so much more positive so very fascinating.

Doug: Yeah it is so I’m curious you know we’ve got stem cell we’ve got elderly patients as this example you mentioned golfers and weight loss patients what are some other examples with you know if you can think of another example of you know some of your patients or people that you’ve seen that utilize Hypervibe to success.

Dr. Letts: Well I think in general and again I don’t I don’t or come across that we have the best program in the world but our program is very sound and what we try to and I want to reiterate that that information this way what we do with every patient is engage them with the entire integration so whether they’re coming in from an auto accident for example and it’s a severe whiplash sometime within their recovery they’re placed into the rehabilitation room and exposed to our Hypervibe and other types of technologies that are in there so that allows them to accelerate and also have higher levels of stabilization from trauma we deal with a lot of work injuries patients that have a lot of lower back lifting injuries Irvine has a broad spectrum of different types of industries and we see everything from you know computer neck to lower back injuries disc injuries where people lifted something too heavy at work and they have to go work on and then you just I hate to say this but you just have the weekend warrior the patient that over does it we just dealt with a tennis player the other day he’s playing tennis seven days a week and he’s obsessed with the game he loves it so much we had to kind of sit him down and put them into our program and they understand that less is going to be better for him and now we’re going to rehabilitate his hip injury you know slowly and again we will use the Hypervibe with him also so yeah I just I just want to make sure that you thoroughly understand that we don’t have you come in and one visit you’re out the door but just that you cannot rehabilitate an injury that way now and you know the old school way of just focusing on one type of discipline for that patient is gone that’s that type of approach is history you have to look at the integrated model and that’s where patients I know are seeking more of our office and our office of patient population as that type of patient they have tried the singular isolated practitioner who only knows one approach look and have failed now they want to seek a practitioner office like mine that’s integrated with multiple minds numerous physicians looking at them and saying okay you need this this this this and this over this period of time and this is how you’re going to rehabilitate this this condition the proper way so that’s the overall philosophy and patient demographic that we’re starting to see grow and grow and grow over the years that we’ve become integrated people want more and they want it on a wellness platform.

Doug: Yeah I couldn’t agree with you more and I appreciate you sneaking into that because that’s something I’m incredibly passionate about as well again not just Hypervibe there’s so many different modalities and approaches to be able to approach creating greater quality of life for people no matter what their condition or what their starting point is and the old days of there being one modality is becoming a trend of the past so you know in addition to speaking to you know potential clients or patients that may be watching this there’s also the healthcare practitioner that’s out there that must evolve their practice because the one thing that I know to be true is there’s more and more people like yourself utilizing an integrative approach and you’re capturing greater levels of market share because of that integrative approach and the results most importantly the results that you’re experiencing from your patients and I’m sure you’re like many other integrative centers out there that one of your primary ways you grow your practice is by word of mouth or referrals from happy patients and that word travels just like we said you’ve got someone flying in from London to have treatment from you because of what they’re hearing about the results that you’re accomplishing with your patients.

Dr. Letts: Yeah I again I’ll give it another prime example and I hate to keep cycling back to stem cell but it’s one of my biggest passions right now one of the problems we saw early on in the program where patients were so brainwashed that they had to have knee replacement or hip replacement or shoulder replacement by their orthopedic surgeons and that was the end-all approach no matter what my doctor said I need to have my hip replaced I need to lose my knee you got to cut off my hip what are we seeing now with the statistical nature of the success rates with stem cells I mean more and more patients are saying why do I want to lose my natural tissue when I have the opportunity to rejuvenate what I what I have and I can I can keep my natural knee I can keep my natural hip I keep my shoulder and have the injection rehabilitated the proper way and have far less difficulty in recovery far less exposure to danger you’ve got a patient that ended up with MRSA with a knee replacement was so bad they almost had to amputate her leg you know those dangers are not a part of stem cell therapy if a patient is properly qualified for stem cell injection we’ve yet to have a complication we’ve never had an injection that caused infection or rejection that’s just but then again I am very critical on who I use for our stem cell you know providers so we only deal with the best of the best so and our program is the best the best we take no shortcuts no buttons done by the book and like you’ve reiterated a few times we insist on the post injection rehabilitation program to ensure that recovery so yeah patients are getting wiser you know say they’re second-guessing their physicians or say wait I don’t really need to have my knee cut off do I aren’t there other opportunities and you know of course if the doctor knows his science and he knows his research they’ll be other off from that information but more than likely you know again an orthopedist is going to recommend what he does for a living and but I will tell you in defense of that we’re starting to see an evolution it’s starting to happen stem cells are become more and more popular and more and more physicians are taking the time orthopedic you know general surgeons are taking the time to really investigate but they know a few of my friends were orthopedic surgeons they’re actually doing surgeries with stem cells so they’ll do the necessary debridement or arthroscopic procedure and then provide a stem cell injection or PRP program afterwards and that again is trying to really facilitate better and better recovery so we are seeing a genesis we’re starting to see an evolution where more and more doctors have become more and more educated so I don’t want throw everybody under the bus but I am seeing a radical change of patients coming in and saying I don’t want to do the surgery what are my options and it’s a wonderful opportunity trust me.

Doug: Yeah I love that you know treatments such as stem cell and you know other innovations just like whole body vibration when people are becoming when something new comes on at least in the larger level of awareness of our society there often times is that skepticism that doubt that not knowing and there’s those older ways of approaching you know creating greater quality of life that are so ingrained in the people’s level of thinking that they’re not open to something – and then there are those trailblazers out there you like what you’re doing and what stem cell as a whole and then you know Hypervibe in some of the earlier technologies when that research came out about whole body vibration there’s a lot of similarities there and what’s great is the more success stories there are the more people are having positive transformations it creates this rippling effect where all the sudden this will become the norm and you know one of the conversations I had was someone they were sharing the story at a conference that they were at recently about whole body vibration and it was one of the big fitness the companies that are selling to the big health club chains and they believe that over the next five to ten years that the whole body vibration machine will be the replacements or the equivalent of what today people have as a treadmill in their home that it’ll be that common because of the positive uses and I could see some parallels with stem cell as well in that the commonality of like well the first thing you think about when you have this challenges hey how will stem-cell help with this or that the first thing you think of when you have a piece of home equipment is I want to have a Hypervibe in my house because I know that that is going to achieve the greatest return on investment for my quality of life and my ease of either recovery or being able to you know have the less pain whatever that might be or greater levels of muscle activation the people are ultimately looking forward to have a greater quality of life.

Dr. Letts: But Doug that comes with a lot of responsibility and I take this extremely serious listen practices are business but we’re more than that we’re a strong patient advocacy group of people my professionals always think about the patient safety and making the right choices follow me and that responsibility is tremendous not only on my lap but also on your lap and our goal in our office is to make sure that we run the most ethical approach any patient walks through that office so what that means is that if a patient truly doesn’t qualify for a stem cell injection we tell them that we told me you don’t qualify we need to get you to do X Y & Z to get qualified and get certain types of conditions under control like diabetes or weight, weight a patient that comes in over a hundred pounds of excess weight on a weight-bearing joint that needs a stem cell injection that’s going to be a tremendous deficit in their regard so we take this very seriously and I would almost reflect that back on the corporation of Hypervibe yeah the responsibility is to make sure that we’re collecting data we’re making sure that we’re staying close to the responses that are being seen in the community of people that are utilizing Hypervibe I’m willing to provide my office as a research facility for I provide necessary down the road to collect data we’re responsibility is just literally it’s on our lap if we fail if we fail as practitioners or individuals involved in the health care delivery system and not provided information to the general health care community then that’s our fault.

Doug: 100% I could hear more and you know and with that this is just one example the things that we’re doing the best that we can to our ability to create these type of conversations because a lot of that a lot of that responsibility you know rather than people being siloed in their own corner and attempting to do their own thing how can we bring people like yourself together and other experts around the world but whether it’s stem cell or whether it’s you Hypervibe whole body vibration where people collaborate they share their stories they share their best practices need potential challenges that may exist so we can you know shorten that learning curve not just for the individual person who’s in the silo but to bring people together so we can identify what these best practices are and keep altering and changing as required to be able to achieve the outcomes that we’re looking for with the least challenge as possible.

Dr. Letts: I couldn’t agree with you more seriously III think embracing that responsibility as professionals that we are is it’s a tremendous duty to the society in the public society.

Doug: It’s something that’s missing quite honestly and for whatever reason I think a lot of it is the people that they haven’t been provided with a container or a context to be able to have these conversation so it’s people like ourselves they’re having these dialogues that we can then share it with other people and hopefully there’s going to be a positive ripple effect you know this is something that we’re sharing publicly here and at the same time we also have private masterminds and dialogues that we’re sharing and it certainly honored to have you be able to be a part of that and I appreciate your willingness to be part of research and that’s some of the intentions that we have we’ve got an app that we’re developing that a lot of what we’re going to have behind the scenes is just peer-to-peer with medical professionals to be able to share their best practices or protocols experiences that they’re having so we can keep sharing that and then collaborating to be able to create a wider ripple effect in people’s lives.

Dr. Letts: Well one of our meetings when you when you guys paid me a visit that really made me excited was the ability to create a protocol that I specifically designed in other words have a neat steam cell protocol or a hip stem cell protocol or a shoulder or a whiplash patient or a lumbar disc patient and being able to customize that protocol and the best part of me to be able to share that out to the general community so the other physicians don’t have to recreate the wheel follow me this is what’s worked best for us try it and once they try and I see the efficacy of it they’ll be able to benefit from it their patients will do well with it it’s exciting.

Doug: Yeah absolutely well we’re really excited about it Rick I know this is going to be the first of a number of different conversations hopefully that we’re going to have discussing you know all things integrative health as well as Hypervibe whole body vibration and you know if you don’t mind it we will have below here a link to your website so people can learn more about you but beyond that how can people find out about you and learn about your practice and what you’re up to.

Dr. Letts: You well I’m not to sound too corny but this is my passion so anybody that wants to reach out to me hopefully all good you know I mean I know not it was going to agree with everything I said I’m not expecting that but the bottom line is I’d love to hear from anybody who has a question or concern with so that what we discussed here today whether it’s stem cell or Hypervibe or how both work together or any of the other services that we provide I’d welcome that through an email or anything else that I’d like to contact the office directly through.

Doug: Yeah sounds great well we greatly appreciate your investment in time today Rick again we’re going to have a link below here with some white papers that people could download to learn a little bit more about the technology and how they all work together and we look forward to continuing our dialogue we’re honored to have you part of the Hypervibe extension family that we have that we were rapidly building with some of the top medical professionals and experts around the world such as yourself that are that are part of Hypervibe and we look forward to continuing this and providing as much value as we possibly can.

Dr. Letts: Doug thanks for the opportunity and by the way the honors all mine you guys are amazing and I appreciate what you’ve done for my practice and for my patients we’re all very appreciative.

Doug: All right I appreciate it and we’ll definitely be in touch thank you.

Dr. Letts: Thank you.

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