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Doug:Hey today we’re here to uh talk about Hypervibe with Jason Williams and Jason you’re in Baltimore and it’s a please have you here today and I really appreciate your investment time so yeah love to hear a little bit more about you and what it is you do and your background.

Jason Yeah thanks Doug thanks for having me uh I really appreciate it uh yeah so Jason Williams from Baltimore Maryland um yeah so I started up kind of my fitness journey I’m a background in sports medicine so I went to Lynchburg college in Virginia I ran track there for four years and then uh after you know kindof like every other college student you get done school you kind of don’t know what you want to do yet so I just kind of joined the gym um that was my local home and actually Bellaire Maryland and uh my friend was like hey you’re all about training and I was like no but you know definitely interested in you know that because that’s kind of the field I want to do I always thought I was going to be like more like a sports conditioning coach or something like that or some type of physical therapy but uh I went into training um loved it from day one got certified as a trainer um so there um which is when you’re in a big box gym you kind of have all the toys and everything and so that was great for I did I was there from maybe 2002 to 2000 end of 2007. So just train there did uh Group-X um that’s where I got kind of like certified in Pilates matt um Pilates and matt is where I really learned like the longevity of a kind of fitness right so just kind of like I want to be able to move and do things as I get older without being hurt, injured um or not have mobility to do it right so that’s really drew me to the Pilates aspect um moving kind of down the line then one of my friends moved to Baltimore City started the gym that was kind of a little bit more along lines of alignment Pilates and it was right kind of up my alley as I was kind of making my evolution with training I got more into like foam rolling into my fashion stuff and then uh moved downtown started working there with some pretty smart trainers and um kind of did the whole Pilates alignment um fascia system type thing therefor a while uh then went back to a gym in 2011 because it was again the energy of a gym is way different than a private studio right there’s where I got more into reformer I got into bar there um and then this continued training and then eventually 2016 left the gym and kind of started my own thing so and that’s kind of where I’m at today solo and it’s nice to kind of have the freedom and flexibility to be creative and kind of partner up with people I want to partner up with and um yeah that’s where I’m at.

Doug: Wow I really appreciate you sharing that especially the part about the journey of you know having been a competitive athlete in college and I can relateto that I’ve done competitive Muay Thai kickboxing and other sports that I was always involved with and especially as we’re younger oftentimes the mind or our egos want to focus more on you know strength and how we look and more of the physique and that type of the aesthetic piece of personal training and then as weget older we start to recognize the importance of longevity and quality of life and it’s great that you recognize that early on and your passions around that becausethat’s a huge part of being able to have a longer quality of life that’s better that we can have movement without pain and that type of thing so it’s great to hear that you had that progression and then going from the bigger box gyms to more of the smaller environments getting into some of these different modalities all the way to having uh you know more of an independent practice and then again now the world that we’re living in with some of the changes going around where a lot of people are actually wanting to move into more of a home environment or something more versatile and that’s something that is very natural and regardless of what we’re being presented with in terms of availability to go to gyms we can always find ways to work out at home we can always find ways to do things but making sure that we have that expert guidance and knowing what to do and how to create that plan for a longevity of life is really important.

Jason Oh yeah for sure yeah I mean that’s and that’s and that’s life right it’s kindof be able to foreshadow and foresee right what’s going on and I got lucky enough to realize like yeah I want to move when I’m older right so at that younger age I was like you know I just i need something that just in case doesn’t mean I don’t run or don’t do athletic things I still like to play soccer basketball all that stuff but I want to be able to like you know not hurt doing it and also for my job you know I need to be able to move you know so um that’s why for me Pilateswas awesome in yoga and all that stuff so yeah so I just think you know in the world we’re in you have to not be rigid you have to be able to you know change kind of what’s going on.

Doug: Yeah absolutely so with uh these different modalities and I love the myofascial you know in that type of thing as well because that’s such an important piece how did you move along that path to get into this what inspired you to begin with to first become aware of the importance of these other modalities outside of just the traditional strength type of training or personal training.

Jason Yeah I mean for me when I first started training it just became I i was like very much an observer of like other trainers and other um I guess modalities you could say that um and I kind of took pieces from everything a little bit um and again as a trainer I think one you always educate yourself right so you have to always stay kind of and it keeps your passion it keeps you wanting to learn more to share more with your clients so for me that’s kind of what always made me kind of want to keep uh doing just the training thing and learn about other murders I mean it got that’s what got me into Pilates so it got me into yoga um it’s what got me in in doing TRX and things like that because you’re just like wow that’s a cool way I never thought about that and how it it’s you know all functional everyday movements and then also how can it affect your performance in another aspect of your life or whatever so I just for me I just had it’s nice to always have that transition.

Doug: It makes a lot of sense and you know I’ve studied martial arts for a number of years one of the philosophies because it’s not a martial art people confuse this but Jeet Kune Do which is Bruce Lee’s art and it’s more of a philosophy but one of the things he used to say is go study everything all the different modalities are absorb what’s useful for you leave the rest aside and then add what is uniquely your own add what’s uniquely your own and so that’s what’s so great about being able to be open-minded and look and observe and see these different approaches these different modalities to um wellness and wholeness with our body yeah and that that’s a big piece of that so that’s a good segue and one of the things I’m curious about as you were studying these different modalities how did you first hear about whole body vibration and when did you start using that?

Jason Yeah so it’s funny like um for me just in my journey of life I’ve kind of always kind of stumbled on things like a little bit I won’t say necessarily early but like right at the right time right I’m a big believer in timing and things happen theright timing so for me it was I mean honestly Instagram right so um Brie reached out to me and was like hey we you know I like your Instagram do you ever think about you know um whole body training and the Hypervibe and I’ve played with other like other kind of whole body variation you know tools you know such power plate and all those guys but um never knew much about it but you know it seemed cool it made sense um and then she like she sent me one and she’s like here try it out you know let me know what you think we’ll you know we’ll do we’ll do a training eventually and I was like all right cool got it and it was it was awesome you know so as soon as I got on it and I saw the benefits of um just like being able to change the vibrations and the frequencies and to kind of what you want to do in terms of like your goals and in terms of your training right so if you want more balance on flexibility or when it boosts that metabolic um that was what was really cool or if you just want to recover and feel good I like that’s kind of like all-in-one the whole body’s right or whole vibration training so uh yeah so that’s kind of how I got it got into it and you know haven’t looked back since you know getting into it.

Doug: Yeah that’s great and you know one of the things for me I always share the story that I i had um l5 s1 microdiscectomy at a 16 millimeter extrusion so I had significant damage to my s1 nerve which is the nerve that connects the spine down to your left leg and my calf I mean I couldn’t even straighten my leg and then after the surgery my calf wouldn’t fire I couldn’t lift my heel off the ground I’m at my stand-up desk right now and I would be able to lift my heel off the ground because of the damage to the nerve and started to atrophy and the whole body Hypervibe was one of the most integral pieces of my recovery and when my surgeon told me he said Doug you may never get the use of your calf again internally I said game on and I’m going to prove this you know and that that was a huge part of it for me but that ability to be able to um stimulate these muscles to activate the connection with the brain and all that was a significant piece for me and you’re absolutely right beyond just the injury recovery piece there’s so many different uses whether someone just wants greater balance or either have challenges with their balance and standing up people that want something to have as a pre-workout or a post for a warm up or cool down it’s the ultimate experience because you you’re getting nearly 99 of all the muscle fibers in your body that are being activated which is stimulating blood circulation into your blood and so the body will always heal itself but the biggest challenge is giving it the right oxygen and circulation for it to be able and then after a workout you can get that lactic acid build up and without releasing that it takes a lot longer to recover from exercise that’s one of the things that’s so great about using the Hypervibe post workout so that’s great to hear I’m curious so you’ve been using it for yourself what are things for you for your own self uh as a result of using?

Jason Yeah um so I love I use it for a few different ways I love doing uh I just hasa warm-up mostly um so I’ll use it before another workout or before I run or something like that which has been great but there’s some pretty cool um things as far as especially if you’re a runner you’re getting a Hypervibe um and you do maybe it’s even a five to ten minute warm-up you’ll notice your stride and our your foot plant is it will definitely be different um it’ll it’s almost like it’s so warmed up and there’s muscle fibers especially in the lower leg in the calf and stuff like that it like if it’ll give you a little bit more of that muscle energy and endurance to kind of like keep that form because of the vibration that it’s getting not only just like through your legs but you know up to your lower back and then your arms and then especially do a lot of arm stuff on it it’s a lot of that core workwith your hands up to your shoulders it does help you with that form and that gait um so I love it for that um lower back pain for sure definitely is diminished since using it um and I’ll even use it just for meditation so I’ll sit on it and then I’llsit back relax and it kind of puts you another like you know frequently almost youknow decide so you kind of like really focus on that present moment awareness because you’re feeling the vibration you have to have a high setting on it you know you can have one like a five or six or seven and you’re just like sitting thereand you just feeling that vibration you can feel like your lower back like loosen upyou can feel uh the base of the spine kind of listen up for your posture right so and helping your breathing and things like that so it you know it’s really kind of agood all-encompassing tool right so um and again you have no endless amount what you can do with it so that’s why for me I love it.

Doug: Yeah that makes complete sense what you shared about the meditation piece too and sitting I think a lot of people don’t think about that as a as a you know an exercise that you can do but a lot of people do this I had a top physical therapist that said that they even use it for women with bladder incontinence andalso for men to stimulate blood circulation down in the lower part they want to have access to that stimulation on a Hypervibe really well for that because of that those frequencies and I can definitely see that for meditation I’m definitely going to try that out for myself.

Jason Yeah you should it’s great.

Doug: I have a consistent meditation practice and I can see because part of that is it’s this whole mind-body connection where you’re getting in touch with your body um and your mind and by sitting on there and having that low frequency noticing the subtle fluctuations and how you’re responding great idea I’m going to try I promise that’s really cool.

Jason Yeah let me know how you like it yeah.

Doug: Yeah, I definitely will uh and then uh post workout you actually use it on workout too like squats upper body anything like that as well?

Jason Yeah I’ll do um I’ll do it kind of like with some interval work so sometimes I’m using TRX back one Hypervibe with some uh either some isometric holes or some balance stuff some lunges um or I’ll go do some band work come back so I’ll use some intervals to like kind of mix things up and keep the heart rate up a little bit too as well do a little bit of plyometrics on there maybe some like you know some jump squats 90 degree squats some ladies um jump squats so things like that to kind of like keep that right up which is awesome too so yeah.

Doug: Yeah that’s great yeah another thing too is with our senior lifestyle for so many people and again I’m at a stand-up desk right now that was one of the first investments that my surgeon told me to have for myself is that even if I’m standing or sitting which so many people do for extended periods of time our bodies start to just cool down and we’re losing that circulation so one of my favorite practices is just getting on that Hypervibe even for two to five minutes inthat amount of time it stimulates all of these endorphins get your blood circulating it’s like literally a cup of coffee in terms of just that extra energy boostand then I get to come back to work and I’m more tuned in and focused on my work it’s because I did that every few hours and it doesn’t take long at all and you can do it without breaking a sweat which is great.

Jason Yeah whatever you want it to do for you it’ll essentially do right yeah so yeah, it’s awesome.

Doug: Yeah now have you had have you had an opportunity to have some of your clients get on it as well I haven’t had one who doesn’t like it yeah so which ispretty cool so um even new people I put on there they’re like this thing’s awesome I mean they all like they’re like I’ve had people say I need to get one of these you know because it’s so like especially like the platform is such it’s a good you know it doesn’t take up a lot of space um and they’re like man this is my lower back they’re just standing on here it feels so good and um yeah like so I use the same thing with class reasons warm up cool down um we’ll do some mark outs on it same thing with intervals uh interval training um yeah it’s great um you know but they love it um you know I’m glad I’m really I got like kind of like fortunate to get hooked up with these guys in terms of like because it’s not around Baltimore there’s not a lot of places that have you know any vibration youknow type training so.

Yeah it’s interesting because a lot of people don’t know about the benefitsof it it’s newer in terms of society and then the more one starts to really do their research and understand yeah that the benefits the spectrum of benefits are so amazing and when you look at an investment of what you can have in terms of different types of equipment whether it’s like a you know a recovery bike or type of thing TRX definitely is a great main stay for your house like that’s or somethingbecause it’s so good great on your channels and you know you have all of that uhbut beyond that uh and in addition to that a Hypervibe is just such a great thing because of the can do and to your point if it’s proprioception and balance if it’s if it’s just flexibility and I don’t know something you’ve done too as far as stretches on the Hypervibe as well?

Jason Yeah stretches um also great for myofascial release right so I’ll do this hamstring quads um low back uh and just kind of like you know in certain positions like either you know just placing your hamstring across and just kind of sitting there and then doing your stretches um great for myofascial release so if you have any like IT Bands uh calves all that stuff um it’s great for all that stuff yeah..

Doug: Yeah so, any other stories or things that perspectives that you have to share in terms of just experiences you’ve had with Hypervibe that you want to share with anyone that’s watching right now?

Jason You know I teach meditation and reiki as well so what I’ll do with some clients is like I use kind of meditation reiki’s like um at the end of workouts is like kind of like the cortisol levels so I’ll use that kind of encompass with the Hypervibe so one of my clients will go through like a Pilates workout um and I’ll put them on the Hypervibe see it as a meditation practice and I’ll leave the guided meditation um and they walk out I feel like a million bucks and it’s kind of almost like you never even did a workout you know because they get up and they’re like I feel so good right now like yes I got the sweat I got my heart rate upand now I feel like you know you’re your stress levels are down right and what’s the cause of most diseases stress all right so and if you can do that if you can you’ll figure out a way to kind of drop those levels of people’s like stress hormones especially at the end of workouts they like all of them love it like they’re like I just want to come stand on it um and they just like want to use it just for like their own purposes right so like even like they’ll I’ll tell them go up and instead just warm up on Hypervibe you know before our next session you know or I’ll leave them on it cooling down and then they’re just like man I just needed that and it’s crazy too because it’s also a mind shifter so I’ve had clients come in just not in the right frame of mind and I put them on there and then nextthing you know they’re like they want some like me feeling a little down or a littlebit not energized so like oh yeah you know and they’re like man all of a sudden I’m back you know so it’s pretty cool like how it does shift your mindset a little bit.

Doug: Yeah oh it absolutely does I noticed that for myself as well and again evenif I’m going to go into a business meeting or an important call it’s like that extra little edge that I can get and it and I think we can all relate to that any of us that have been active in sports or any type of exercises when you’re training there is that extra heightened state of awareness and focus out and that’s really an another version of meditation in a way about being present in the moment beingclear so we can access those states in with different and meditation being one of them and I’m definitely a believer in that for myself and something like a Hypervibe can help to induce that state and yeah it makes complete sense because we’re getting that stimulation going on which also helps to quiet down all of the you know the clutter that we can oftentimes have in our mind and it really invites us to be in that state of presence.

Jason Yeah I mean that’s totally it and that’s what you know in terms of meditation and with Hypervibe it’s not only the effects during but it’s more defects after and outside of it right so like how you do perform how you run how you walk how you get up out of the chair how you play with your kids like all that stuff is going to affect that consciousness right of just being when you have a toollike that right that can kind of bring you to that present moment but also have allthese other effects for your body right not only just bringing president awareness but yes it’s reduced inflammation reducing right the fat drainage all that stuff lower back is going to feel better you know so we if you get all that in one why not why not do it right.

Doug: Yeah that’s great Jason so and I’m curious now too in this environment for yourself and obviously our world’s shifted you know as a result you know things going on uh and being concerned about a pandemic type of an environment and we’ve got oftentimes either is either being closed or people not having as much access to a physical gym environment how does that work for you with your with your training I understand you have clients pretty much all over the country and you work with people remotely so how does that work?

Jason Yeah so, yeah so yeah I mean it’s you know the great thing about this youknow kind of pandemic um is that it did force a lot of people to go online forcing me to go online more to create content and not only just for content for the moment but for the future right so um it kind of opened this whole new world of creation right so this is the time of where creating is going to be huge and crucialum and it can be creation for not just your mental health but your physical healthright so now it’s like I have clients like who I haven’t trained in years come back and say hey let’s just keep this zoom facetime thing going you know and they’re in there and to find out they’re man I was sore yesterday from my workout on face so I’m like oh you’re sore all right again I thought that’s an indicator of right your fitness or was but it’s great that you can give them the same type of workout via screen right so it is it is an access tool it is another tool right you are the same trainer you are in person as you are um on facetime or zoom or google meets or whatever you are or whatever you use you know you know for me I think you have to stay again that forward thinking right we mentioned that earlierif you stay ahead of it you’re just planning for the future right you’re just playing for fall and the winner in 2001 yeah or 21 2021 so you’ll be ahead of the game you know so it’s you know this is the time to do that and to have the freedom to do it.

Doug: Coming from this too one of the best things we can ever possibly invest in is our own health um better health we’re in the stronger immune system is whichis going to help us navigate through any environment it also helps to your point reduce stress and we’re all being exposed to stresses right now in terms of just our external environment within our societal structures as a whole and what are things we can do to release stress to tune that out and then also our immune system it is finding a way to be able to exercise and prolong our quality and longevity of life and that’s one of the best things we possibly can do and of course certainly nutrition is a big piece of that as well and that’s of course another pillar and so for those people that are oftentimes accustomed from to going to gym memberships may not have access to that anymore as much as they did before or feel comfortable going back to a gym environment just because of you know um the sanitary type of reasons how clean the environmentmight be setting oneself up with a home gym environment is one of the best investments you can possibly make and I’m sure you would agree with that.

Jason Oh for sure yeah I mean I’ve had my uh one of my good friends is a trainer at a big box gym and he went back two weeks ago and he said Jason it’s quiet it’s not as busy as he thought it would be you know and I told him that I waslike even if the gyms open tomorrow you got to expect at least maybe five weeksfor people really thinking about going back yeah because their people are in theirroutine for two months now two to three months so their routine of their zoom workouts their home workouts building their home gyms um they’re buying all the all the toys and gadgets because this is the time to do it right you know and it’s going to set them up so you have to kind of start moving in that direction because it’s going to be the future you know as we were talking kind of earlier like it’s like life is going to change after this right so and you have to change with it so um yeah it’s a very interesting time and but I think like eventually some good it’s going to happen more often than not you know um it’s just you have to kind of you know be a little bit more patient and wait to see that so yeah but yeah I think it’s going to be great.

Doug: Well and I think it’s great it’s great knowing that there’s people like you out there that are helping uh others that are to navigate through this time and again it’s there’s different components one is just making sure your mindset’s right two is making sure that you can be equipped with the right nutrition and then finding whatever you possibly can to do exercise in a virtual or home environment and then having an expert like yourself that can help work with people do live video interactions and guide people through to make sure that they’re that they’re doing it with proper form and they have the right accountability and getting people set up to win because each person’s body is different challenges whether it’s pain whether whatever our respective goals might be of you know what it is we really are looking to accomplish that’s the most important priority and then what we actually just prefer and like and one ofthe things I love about the Hypervibe is that it can be one of those pillars of a home workout equipment that you have and it’s interesting I had another trainer a while back that that shared with me their perspective with Hypervibe too it’s almost like being a workout partner if you will because sometimes the most important the most challenging part about exercising is getting started. Once youstarted then you’re going and what’s great about the Hypervibe is literally all yougot to do is show up yep you turn that thing on and it starts to move it’s almost like this partner that’s like pushing you and then it activates you so it’s almost like getting the engine going and then of course they’ll do the work but it’s helping to meet you there so you’re not having to do all of it yourself and again ofcourse you still there’s other exercises and I i love things like TRX or calisthenics which are great but it’s a great thing to get that kick started for you.

Jason Well and it feels so good too to be on that thing so you get on it and you’re like oh you know this feels good like whereas like something you might be like yeah i don’t really want to do you know the bosu ball like you know you knowso you’re like okay but I’ll just go stand on the Hypervibe yeah because it feels good you know like and that and that might be enough to jump start like you know like whereas like everything else you have to kind of look more active it is itis like a workout partner for you because it’s like okay it literally will jump start you get on it you’re getting jump started you’re like oh I’m starting to feel better okay let’s get it going let’s do something you know like so that’s you for me that’spart of it you know we all have those there’s times you’re like man I don’t feel likedoing this today yeah you know and then you just go like well let me just turn theHypervibe on get on there and then I’m like okay well you know what I’m going todo something even if you like it’s a day’s a rest day you might do a little bit more stretching or a little more move than you normally would do because that because it makes you feel good you know so yeah.

Doug: Yeah can definitely relate well yeah I appreciate your investment time today Jason and you know want to make sure we’ll have a link for all of your contact information here below uh within the within this video and then also on the link to the website as well so people can find out a little bit more about you uh they can I love watching some of your videos i had a chance to look at some of those before uh we got on today and it was just really cool and I want to try some of these things out that you’ve done so just really great content that you put out there and appreciate you doing what you do and being able to shine that light that you have uh into other people’s lives to have a positive impact and ripple affecting your health and longevity of life.

Jason No I appreciate it thank you thank you for having me every I thank Hypervibe for being super supportive and it’s yeah it’s been a game changer so uh yeah look me up if you guys ever need anything um shoot me an email Instagram Charm City PT all that fun stuff and uh yeah it’s been it’s been great man appreciate it.

Doug: All right sounds great, thank you.

Jason Thank you!

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