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How vibration machine exercises support weight loss

03rd March 2016
How vibration machine exercises support weight loss

Can vibration machine exercises support weight loss? It’s one of the most frequent questions clients ask before buying a whole body vibration platform, and it would be easy to tell them that vibration training is clinically supported to help users lose weight, but this answer is not enough.

While it’s true that exercising on a vibrating plate can speed up the weight loss process through various mechanisms (which will be explained immediately), it’s also true that standing on a WBV machine for 10 minutes a day and expecting to look like a model is simply not realistic. So in today’s article we’ll discuss the weight loss effect of vibration training.

Vibration machine exercises can improve body composition

There are several studies that show that this form of training can help in improving body composition, gaining lean mass and decreasing the percentage of body fat, thus building a slimmer and more athletic body. However, in order to achieve these results, one has to actually train while on the vibration machine.

Whole body vibration is just like any other form of exercises – if you want to get results, you have to put in time and effort. 10 minutes of light WBV exercises are not enough for significant weight loss, but a complex vibration training routine consisting in exercises that engage all the major muscle groups can be of great help in this direction.

The Hypervibe WBV machines are powerful enough to support weight loss, as they can take you up to 17G’s of G-force and they work in the frequency range proven to support weight loss and to provide many other health benefits: 20-45Hz. Also, the Hypervibe vibration plates come with exercise routines for various goals, so you can create a personalized training circuit for faster weight loss.

But keep in mind that WBV will not help you lose weight only from one problem area. In other words, you cannot get rid only of the fat from your hips, belly or thighs – no form of exercise is capable of spot reduction.

To sum it up, the first mechanism through which WBV supports weight loss is by improving body composition and reducing the percentage of fat mass. Coupled with a hypo-caloric diet, this physical activity can reduce visceral adipose tissue and lead to significant changes in body weight and body composition.

Stronger muscles, better circulation and improved lymphatic drainage

Whole body vibration helps with weight loss because it builds stronger muscles, and stimulates the body just as efficiently as strength exercises. During a high-intensity WBV workout, your muscles work hard and burn calories at high rates, so the metabolism is accelerated and this can help you lose the extra pounds faster.

When you exercise on a vibration machine, whether you do squats, lunges, push-ups or crunches, your body feels heavier because the vibration waves sent by the platform place a load on your muscles and bones. It’s pretty much the same effect that occurs when you lift weights – the load on your body forces the muscles to work harder, and you have to put in more effort to maintain balance, to coordinate your moves and protect your joints from injuries.

The advantage with whole body vibration is that instead of having to lift heavy weights, you can simply increase the G-force and frequency of the machine, and continue with your training routine. The Hypervibe machines are designed for comfort and efficiency, so you can work your upper body, core area and lower body, get a massage, warm up and cool down without having to invest in additional pieces of equipment.

Finally, WBV improves the circulation of blood and lymph, which means an improved delivery of nutrients to all tissues. This can help in regulating the appetite, can speed up recovery and can give improve your mood and energy levels, preventing you from eating excessive amounts of unhealthy food. Also, by improving the drainage of lymph, vibration training can decrease water retention and give you a leaner appearance.

You can learn more about the weight loss effect of vibration training here, and if you have questions or comments, feel free to post them below.

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