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Vibration Machine Training + Cardio = Better Results?

23rd March 2016

Vibration machine training practiced for several weeks can lead to improvements in muscle strength, fat-free mass, and bone mineral density, preventing the loss of lean mass at the same time. These positive effects of long-term vibration training are proven by numerous studies, just like the beneficial action of short-term vibration on the human organism is supported by research.

But what if you want to mix vibration exercises with other forms of workout? Is this a good idea, or is it too much for your body to practice WBV in combination with other strength or cardio exercises?

Whole body vibration plus cardio, better functional performance

Japanese researchers found that vibration machine exercises combined with aerobic workouts lead to improvements in functional mobility and flexibility, reducing arterial stiffness and improving cardiorespiratory fitness. For this study, 30 healthy adults aged 26 on average, with a BMI of 22-25, performed either whole body vibration plus aerobic training, or aerobic exercises alone, 3 days per week for 4 weeks.

All participants performed treadmill exercises for 50 minutes, but the ones in the WBV group also exercised on the vibrating machine on the same day, performing 10-12 exercises at 30-40Hz, for 30-45 seconds per exercise. The total length of the WBV routine was on average 13.6 minutes with breaks included, and exercises were chosen to target all major muscle groups: regular and deep squats, lunges, abdominal crunches, calf raises, pelvic bridges, push-ups, biceps curls, and triceps dips, push-ups and wide stance squats.

Results showed lower body weight and BMIs after training for the adults in the WBV group, as well as lower values of PWV (pulse-wave velocity, parameter used for measuring arterial stiffness). Also, the VO2max after training was significantly higher than that before training in the WBV group.

In conclusion, this study found that performing whole body vibration and aerobic exercises has positive effects, leading to an improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness and a reduction in arterial stiffness.

Spanish researchers found that adding whole body vibration to cardio exercises can increase the activity of muscles in the legs, trunk and upper body. Also, a study conducted by researchers from Chile showed that adding whole body vibration exercises to conventional training programs may be useful in promoting weight loss and improving muscle mass, the method being safe and well-tolerated.

As you can see, mixing whole body vibration training with other forms of exercise is not uncommon. In fact, fitness trainers recommend adding vibration exercises to aerobic routines, as the former is great for strengthening the muscles and building lean mass, while the latter is good for accelerating the metabolic rate and supporting faster weight loss.

Vibration machine exercises can provide the same benefits as conventional strength exercises, but the routine is usually shorter, so if you only have 30 minutes per day for physical activities, an intense workout consisting of 10 minutes of WBV and 20 minutes of aerobic exercises may be a good choice.

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