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The Lymphedema Diet: Building a Stronger Immune System

There’s an old adage that says you are what you eat And this has become an important aspect of

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5 Ways on How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

It takes a lot of effort to lose weight It takes dedication to decrease calories, regulate portion sizes, and

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How to Gain Weight with a High Metabolism: Strategies and Tips

If your metabolism is faster than average, you will need to consume more calories than the average person just

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8 nutrients your muscles and bones need

Maintaining healthy bones and muscles is vital not only for your physical appearance but for your overall

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Sweetened beverages may lead to fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease appears when fat cells build up inside the liver and make more than 5%-10%

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carbs good bad

Starches, fibers and simple carbs – how they affect your silhouette

Low-carb advocates say that not eating carbohydrates, or keeping the intake of these nutrients under 5% of

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