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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Hypervibe Over a VibePlate

27th October 2021
Hypervibe vs VibePlate

Body vibration machines have been around for a while but recently they have been gaining a significant chunk of popularity. Commonly referred to as vibration plates or body vibration platforms, these fitness machines are fun, simple, and pretty straightforward to use. They offer numerous health benefits and require very little of your time. And have we mentioned that you can use them from the convenience of your home or office?

Currently, there are quite a few brands that are offered on the home fitness market. Among them, two seem to be leading the game. These are Hypervibe and VibePlate. Both machines produce high-frequency vibrations that stimulate your muscles to contract at a greater rate, but one of them does it much better. Meet Hypervibe – the overall winner when it comes to whole-body vibration. Why? Let’s find out.

1. Protects your head

Protects HeadWhen you expose yourself to high-frequency vibrations, you should take better care of some body areas. One of these areas is your head. Too much vibration getting to your head might lead to negative effects, such as headaches or even concussions. This is why when you shop for a vibration plate, you should give this a major thought.

Thanks to the more natural type of pivotal motion that is offered by Hypervibe, when compared to the VibePlate review, the majority of vibrations are absorbed by the pelvis and trunk. This way Hypervibe allows much fewer oscillations going up your head, keeping it safe and well protected.

2. Offers a greater range of benefits

Greater BenefitsOne of the major differences between Hypervibe vs VibePlate is that the former is pivotal, whereas the latter is a lineal vibration machine. Even though it might not make much sense when you hear it for the first time, this is extremely important when it comes to scooping the full range of benefits.

Most of the health benefits that are proven by scientific research, such as this Meta-Analysisз, are related to the use of pivotal vibration plates. It has been established that pivotal machines are better at improving muscle strength, increasing bone density, stimulating blood circulation, and reducing back pain. The research conducted on lineal plates is very limited to none.

3. It is much more powerful

More PowerfulWhen comparing body vibration machines, one of the most important factors to consider is the level of G-force the machine offers. The letter “G” stands for “Gravity” and the higher the G-force a vibration plate offers, the better the fitness outcomes. When put on the test, the Hypervibe machine has been shown to produce a much higher G-force, compared to VibePlate.

Scientific research indicates that machines with more powerful G-force offer better activation of the muscles, increased oxygen supply to the tissues, and improved blood circulation throughout the whole body. To put all that in perspective, the G-force produced by Hypervibe is within the range of 10 to 17 G’s, whereas VibePlate offers a mere 2 G’s at the maximum.

4. Clinically supported

Clinically ProvenFor the past couple of decades, whole-body vibration and vibration machines have been subject to numerous scientific studies. The majority of these studies have shown pretty positive results but only for machines that offer certain G-force. It has been made evident that the threshold for muscle stimulation is at 2 G’s and any force below that is not associated with any health benefits.

Hypervibe is among the leading vibration machines on the market due to its ability to offer G-force of up to 17 G’s. Unfortunately, that can not be said for VibePlate which is capable of delivering up to 2 G’s at its maximum. If the frequency of the oscillations is too low, the force put on the body is simply not enough to provide you with the fitness benefits you are after.

5. Better value for money

Better ValueCurrently, there are over 40 different brands of vibration machines on the market. Each of them offers a different design, settings, and G-force. According to the research, the most defining factor when it comes to price is the level of G-force produced. For instance, machines that offer around 2 G’s could be bought for $200 on platforms such as eBay, whereas vibration plates that produce 10+ G-force have a price tag of over $10,000.

Thanks to the hard work, full dedication, and maximum use of available technologies, the team behind Hypervibe has managed to bring the price range of its products well below that. You can now harvest all the health and fitness benefits offered by body vibration machines, without breaking the bank.

The bottom line

Body vibration machines are great for improving overall health and fitness level. However, not all of them can offer the benefits proven by scientific research when it comes to whole-body vibration. This is why you should do your homework before opting out for a vibrating plate.

Currently, the choice of body vibration machines on the market is broad, but when you take into consideration the most important factors as described in this article, you will realize that the choice is actually quite narrow.

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