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Fitpal Ultra Slim vs Hypervibe: 5 Constructive Reasons

31st December 2021
Hypervibe vs Fitpal Ultra Slim

Lately, it seems that we hear more about body vibration machines, be it either on the news, in magazines, or on social media. This type of fitness equipment has been around for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that it started gaining momentum. What has changed you may ask?! The answer is the ever-growing scientific data that has revealed the truly impressive health benefits of vibration platforms.

So far, the vibrating machines have been proven to increase bone mineral density, boost muscle strength, improve blood circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, relieve chronic back pain, and reduce body weight. This is pretty intriguing, however, there is a bit of a pitfall here – not all vibration platforms out there can give you the above-mentioned results.

Two of the brands that are currently leading the whole-body vibration (WBV) market are Hypervibe with their G-series vibration machines and the Fitpal Ultra Slim vibration machine. And while both companies have done a great job, one of them is way ahead in the game. Which one? Keep reading and you will soon find the answer for yourself.

Hypervibe benefits vs fitpal ultra slim

1. Superior G-force to Fitpal Ultra Slim vibration machine

The G-force is one of the most important factors when it comes to whole-body vibration and its associated health outcomes. It is the element that separates the great vibration platforms from the not-so-great ones. G stands for gravity where 1 G equals Earth’s gravity and refers to the intensity of the exercise performed on the plate.

Usually, the bigger the G-force, the better the fitness outcomes. When compared, Hypervibe G-series models have been found to outperform substantially the Fitpal vibration machine. The former is capable of delivering up to 25 G’s (G-25 Galaxy), whereas the latter reaches a mere 3.5 G’s at its maximum capacity.

2. Impressive vibration frequency

The other major factor, that can give you a hint whether a vibrating platform is worth it or not, is the vibration frequency range. This important parameter refers to the number of times the plate goes up and down in 1 second. According to scientific data, the best health outcomes have been observed within the 20 – 40 Hz range.

Having a quick glimpse into what Fitpal Ultra Slim vibration machine specs reveal, the platform is capable of producing a frequency range of up to 12 Hz, which is way below the beneficial threshold. On the flip side, even the most basic Hypervibe model (G-10) will give you a vibration frequency of up to 25 Hz. Below is a comparison between the two brands:

  • Fitpal Ultra Slim model: 8 – 12 Hz
  • Hypervibe G-10 Mini: 5 – 25 Hz
  • Hypervibe G-14 Home: 5 – 30 Hz
  • Hypervibe G-17 Pro: 5 – 35 Hz
  • Hypervibe G-25 Galaxy: 5 – 40 Hz

3. Sophisticated indicators

When you invest in a body vibrating machine you deserve to get comprehensive readings so that you can set the right training plan. That means a sophisticated display that shows all important parameters, including the vibration frequency range. When compared, Hypervibe seems to be well ahead of Fitpal vibration machine in that category too.

Unfortunately, Fitpal’s Ultra Slim platform does not show any indication of the frequency range whatsoever. Instead, the control panel of the machine gives you only some sort of speed level that do not contain precise information about the various frequencies. On the contrary, Hypervibe G-series models come with a sophisticated LCD control panel, showing all the important readings in detail (excluding G-10).

4. Vast scientific evidence

What is the single most reliable proof that a certain fitness machine will give you the results it promises? That’s right – it is peer-reviewed scientific evidence about the capabilities of that machine. It is no secret that every manufacturer will claim their products are the best, but unless these claims have been proven by scientists, they are empty marketing words.

So what does science say about Hypervibe and Fitpal Ultra Slim? When checking the available scientific data, it becomes evident that the former (Hypervibe) brand appears in quite a few peer-reviewed studies with some pretty promising results, whereas the latter (Fitpal) does not show up even in a single study. Why? It does not meet the minimum requirements for it to be considered as an adequate subject by scientists.

5. Unparalleled warranty

When a manufacturer truly believes in the capabilities of their products, they will give you an outstanding warranty. Warranty not only provides you with peace of mind but can also give you an idea of whether a product is made to last. This is why all Hypervibe models come with an unparalleled warranty that is impossible to match by competition.

Unfortunately, when checking Fitpal’s company policy it becomes evident that the warranty provided is somewhat disappointing. 12 months is all that you are entitled to and not a single day longer. Below is a direct comparison of the warranty conditions of the two brands:

  • Fitpal Ultra Slim platform: 12 Months
  • Hypervibe G-series models: 2 Years labor; 5 Years Parts, 10 Years motor; 90-day money-back guarantee


Vibration platforms offer an easy and safe way for improving your health status and meeting your fitness goals. Whether you want to boost your muscle power, strengthen your bones, improve your blood circulation, or simply lose some extra weight, innovative fitness equipment is among the best ways to go.

Having said that, beware that not all vibrating machines currently available will give you the outcomes you are after. While some of them are truly impressive, the majority are still miles behind. At present, the leading brands within the WBV field appear to be Hypervibe and Fitpal Ultra Slim. A detailed comparison between the two however reveals a massive gap. The choice is yours.

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