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Whole body vibration machine exercise chart – Core strength

12th May 2016

Our series of whole body vibration machine exercise articles continues with a WBV training program for the core muscles. If you prefer to start with another body area, take a look at these articles before getting on your vibration plate for the training session:

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Now it’s time to talk about the core muscles. These muscles are the centerpiece of your physique, not only because a six-pack or a flat and nicely shaped abdomen is an eye-catcher, but also because a strong core helps protecting your internal organs and your spine, and contributes to a healthy posture. If your midsection isn’t as toned and strong as you’d want it to be, this vibration plate program is for you!

As you know, the core or abdominal muscles are grouped into four categories:

  • Rectus abdominus, which is the largest muscle and is located in the area between your sternum and pelvis bone; it gives the six-pack and should be targeted through crunches, sit-ups and other similar exercises
  • Obliques, which are located on the sides and are targeted during side bends and oblique crunches
  • Serratus, which is located between the front abs and lats, and is targeted through cable crunches and barbell pullovers
  • Intercostals, which are located between the sides of the rib cage, and are targeted through bicycle/air bike and mountain climbers

Some of these core exercises can be done on a vibration machine – crunches, obliques, sit-ups, but others are difficult to perform when the vibrating plate moves up and down, so we’ve created a core strengthening program exclusively for Hypervibe whole body vibration machines.

Whole body vibration plate exercises for the core muscles

The exercises below focus on the core muscles, but work your entire body, this being one of the great advantages of whole body vibration training: you can stimulate all the major muscle groups in a single training session, by practicing compound exercises instead of isolation movements.

wbv machine exercise plan

Here are the exercises you’ll be doing:

  • To warm up the body, stand on the whole body vibration machine for 1 minute, setting the frequency to 8 Hz and placing your feet at #2.
  • Start the routine with 1 minute of lumbosacral release massage, to relax the back muscles and get used to the higher frequency – 12 Hz this time. Feet should be placed at #1 for this exercise, to decrease the intensity.
  • Continue the WBV machine training session with pelvic tilts, which engage the lower abdominals and glutes, toning your legs and hips at the same time. Repeat the movement for 1 minute, setting the frequency at 12 Hz and keeping your feet at #1 on the whole body vibration plate.
  • Next are trunk rotations, performed for 1 minute at 12 Hz. These exercises target the obliques and help you shape your waist.
  • Continue with crunches on the Hypervibe WBV machine, to sculpt the six-pack and strengthen your core muscles. Keep the frequency at 12 Hz.
  • Do abdominal twists to target the abs and engage the obliques. Your back muscles will also get a good workout.
  • Switch to planks to work the abs, back muscles, shoulders and arms. Keep the frequency at 8 Hz to avoid head vibration and dizziness.
  • Next, stretch your muscles and relax a little with the downward dog position.
  • Continue the WBV training session with 1 minute of gluteal massage, at 8-12 Hz.
  • Next, do 1 minute of hams massage at the same frequency.
  • Relax your upper body with shoulder massage, at 8-12 Hz.
  • Finally, do 1 minute of quads massage to relax your lower body, at 8-12 Hz.

Hope you’ll enjoy this whole body vibration machine exercise routine. For more WBV workout plans, check our exercise gallery or go on our Support Site and watch the exercise videos created by our vibration training experts.

If you have questions or want to add anything to this article, comment below or join our Facebook community and share your thoughts with us there!

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