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Living in Toxic Times – How Can You Help Your Body?

27th February 2016
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Living in Toxic Times – How Can You Help Your Body Defend Itself?

By Deb P – Revibe

Last week was really rough for me, Wednesday in particular. I worked from my home office that day and reached out to several clients that had inquired about whole body vibration. Most were just looking to feel better and maybe lose a few pounds. More often than not they are dealing with some kind of medical concern. Out of the 6 clients I reached; 3 were diagnosed with different of cancers (one had two types), 2 had severe respiratory issues and the other was dealing with heavy metal toxicity (cadmium & mercury). It’s so hard to call people you’ve never met, start a discussion and soon after find yourself both in tears as they share their pain and frustrations.

How they face the fear of not knowing a diagnosis, are they are sick from the side effects of the medications that keep changing until they find one that works and treatments that have that completely demolished their mind, body and spirit. They’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

toxins are everywhere on the planetWe are inundated with toxic chemicals on a daily basis. While we go about our daily lives with our tech toys and prepacked lunches, we are too distracted to look up from our desk to realize we are allowing ourselves to be poisoned. Toxins are in our food, our water and the air we are breathing.

A recent article from the New York Times stated:

Scientists have identified more than 200 industrial chemicals — from pesticides, flame retardants, jet fuel — as well as neurotoxins like lead in the blood or breast milk of Americans, indeed, in people all over our planet. …These have been linked to cancer, genital deformities, lower sperm count, obesity and diminished I.Q. (see full New York Times Feb 13, 2016 article here.)

For the most part I think the majority of us understand that we live in a toxic world. It’s not like you can avoid ever going outdoors or stop eating but there are ways to help your body purge itself of harmful chemicals and keep its natural defenses functioning strong.

Whole body vibration helps activate your lymphatic system – your body’s natural detoxification system – through muscular activation when using a machine. An increase in circulation expedites oxygen and nutrients to the cells accelerating their ability to dump toxins into the lymph and out of your system. Combining an activity like whole body vibration with good nutrition, hydration and adequate rest/recovery will give your body and its systems the ability to detoxify naturally. Try to minimize the amount of processed/sugary foods and drinks in your diet and try drinking filtered water vs buying bottled.  

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