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Discover how Therapists use Hypervibe

Therapists who work with patients for rehabilitation and prevention of injury have used many methods over the last century with great success. There are constantly new best practices, innovations and technologies that are contributing to greater levels of health and wellbeing. One of the more recent innovations has been with Whole Body Vibration or Gravity Resistance Training.

As more research has been completed showing significant benefits with people of all types, therapy clinics around the world have been integrating Whole Body Vibration into their practices with great success. This page will provide you with important education on the many benefits of Whole Body Vibration for your therapy clinic, some of the important things to look for when choosing a Whole Body Vibration machine and insights from top therapists who are using Hypervibe with great success.

Here are just a few Therapy Clinics that now have
a competitive advantage using Hypervibe

Success stories, interviews and testimonials…..

Hypervibe has earned it’s position as the company of Choice for top professionals and Consumers

  • Dr. Sunny Kim
    Progressive Rehabilitation

    “I’m a strong believer in the technology and highly recommend it to anyone. Hypervibe has been an integral part of our value proposition to our patients and the quality of product and customer service has exceeded my expectations.”

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  • everyday-health-gabriel copy-ed

    Gabriel Ettenson
    Amplitude Vibration Studio

    Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration has been an integral part of our practice. It has been a catalyst for patient rehabilitation and there’s simply no other platform that provides the same effect for the investment.

  • Glenn Ruscoe
    Lifecare Riseley Physiotherapy

    “There are a number of ideal uses. First, I believe every adult over 45 should use a machine like this at home at least 5-10 minutes per day. It would make a significant impact! It’s like an incredible anti aging tool. This technology is also ideal for athletes who want to recover quicker from exercise, are recovering from an injury, people who want to lose weight and especially those who may not have as much time to go to the gym as they would like. Hypervibe is a tool that can help us achieve our therapeutic aims quicker.”

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Whole Body Vibration Buyers Guide – 41 Vibration Machines Tested

Only 9 of 41 passed all the tests and could produce the level of vibration responsible for the most impressive research results. Hypervibe was the only machine for under $3000 to make it into the top 9. The average output of all machines under $3000 is 4G. Hypervibe can produce up to 17G.

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How Does Whole Body Vibration Work?

With a suitable machine and correct technique Whole Body Vibration can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise. Research confirms that a number of direct effects on the body are possible:

  • Stimulations of Muscle & other Reflexes
  • An increase in Gravitational Load
  • Mobilisation of Joints & Muscles
  • Rapid Heating of Joints & Muscles

Reasons to Choose Hypervibe

Hypervibe has earned it’s position as the company of Choice for top professionals and Consumers
Watch our video to learn more about Frequency
  • HyperVibe vibration machines produce a wide range of frequency to produce maximum benefits
  • Often cheap platforms are not able to produce more than 15Hz, which means they are not optimal for benefits such as weight loss, muscle strength etc.
5-12Hz 10-18Hz 18-27Hz 24-40Hz
Improved Balance
Increased Circulation
Increased Flexibility
Muscle Relaxation
Decreased Lower Back Pain
Increased Functional Strength
Increased Muscle Size
Watch our video to learn more about GForce
  • G Force determines the intensity of the vibration, and intensity is the key to benefits such as weight loss, bone density, and strength.
  • HyperVibe vibration machines produce the highest acceleration (G Force) levels for the money.
Watch our video to learn more about Display Settings
  • Machines with "speed levels" do give any not allow you to set the machine for specific benefits.
  • If your machine does not accurately display the frequency settings measured in Hertz, it is a good idea to get it professionally tested.
  • HyperVibe vibration machines accurately display the frequency in Hertz on their display and control panel.
Watch our video to learn more about Plane of Motion
  • Pivotal platforms rotate your pelvis in a natural walking motion
  • Studies show a pivotal platform produces greater muscle activation
  • Pivotal platforms produce a greater range of frequency for greater benefits
  • Pivotal platforms produce less head vibration for greater safety
  • HyperVibe vibration machines use pivotal vibration.