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Get Slimmer With the New g10 Mini Gravity Resistance Training Machine

28th February 2015
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Although the benefits of exercise go well beyond sculpting a lean body or going down a size, lots of those who choose to work out regularly are interested mostly in getting rid of the extra weight and achieving a slimmer body.

“Becoming healthier” is less often on the list of reasons people exercise, but the truth is in those who carry a lot of extra pounds, losing the fat also contributes to an improved health state. In today’s article, we’ll show you how you can lose fat and get slimmer with the new G10 Mini Gravity Training machine.

G10 Mini Gravity Resistance Training machine, perfect for losing weight at home


A small and lightweight machine, the portable G10 Mini is designed for home workouts, being easy to move from one room to another and requiring little space.

Equipped with smart functions like Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to control the machine and to program it with your smartphone or tablet, the gravity resistance training machine is an innovative fitness device, ideal for those who don’t have enough time or don’t feel comfortable working out at the gym.

The machine has over 40 goal-based programs, so even if you’re a beginner you will not feel lost and helpless. Once you download the HyperVibe G10 app, the software will tell the machine what to do and you will be able to choose the most suitable workout for your goals.

By creating a hypergravity environment and placing an increased load on your muscles and bones, the machine will strengthen and tone your entire body. If you couple your WBV workouts with an adequate diet, you can reshape your body, decrease the overall body fat percentage and get slimmer without lifting weights and spending endless hours on the treadmill.

Here’s who the G10 Mini can help you lose weight:

1. The whole body vibration machine allows you to target all body areas and to perform complex exercises, from planks to squats and step-ups with knee lifts, so you can engage multiple muscle groups at once. This maximizes the calorie-burning process, enabling your body to consume more energy and thus to create a caloric deficit if you don’t overeat.

As long as you eat enough protein without exceeding your body’s energy needs, and you do strength exercises on the G10 Mini machine, you can lose fat and preserve muscle mass, thus get slimmer, leaner, and healthier.

2. G10 Mini is excellent for your circulation and lymphatic drainage. If you’re a long-time dieter, you surely know that significant weight variations can occur when you don’t drink enough water, or if you drink a lot of fluids after a carb-rich meal.

Muscles contain glycogen, which comes from carbs that are broken down to glucose, and glycogen favors water retention in muscles. Your body does need that water, but if your lymphatic system doesn’t work properly and your body doesn’t flush out the excess fluids, the water builds up and you end up with swollen legs, puffy eyes, a bloated belly, swollen arms, and an overall feeling of heaviness.

By restoring the flow of lymph and improving circulation and the delivery of nutrients to cells, vibration training can fix these issues. So if you’re tired of swollen and painful feet and ankles, and want to get a slimmer waist and more visible abs, step on your G10 Mini and exercise for 10-20 minutes a day.

3. Whole body vibration is an excellent solution for reducing stress and relieving tension from the body. Working in a stressful environment and facing problems in your personal and professional life daily can have a huge impact on your health and weight. The G10 Mini Gravity Resistance Training machine can relieve the tension and provide a relaxing massage, allowing you to relax and improve your mood.

Less stress means lower production of cortisol, the hormone that favors weight gain and the storage of fat in the abdominal area. So by doing WBV exercises daily you can not only look better but also feel more relaxed and happier.

To learn more about this amazing machine for home use, check our G10 Mini product page or join our Facebook community and post your questions there!

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