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Introducing the new G17 PRO gravity resistance training machine

25th February 2015
G17 PRO resistance training machine

It’s well known that whole body vibration has benefits beyond fitness; there are hundreds of studies out there that talk about the efficiency of vibrating plates in relieving pain, in stimulating circulation and the removal of excess fluids from the body, in improving balance or restoring the functioning of the musculoskeletal system after an injury.

It has also been shown that exercising in a hypergravity environment may be helpful in improving body composition, in reducing fibromyalgia pain and arterial stiffness, as well as in speeding up the recovery from various conditions, among which spinal cord injuries.

But most of these benefits can only be achieved when the vibration machine works at a certain intensity. In most studies, participants receive short bouts of vibration at frequencies of 20-45Hz, and G-forces of at least 6-10G’s. There aren’t too many vibration plates on the market capable of delivering these, and those machines that meet the requirements are often too expensive for the average person.

For this reason Hypervibe has created G17 PRO, a state-of-the-art whole body vibration platform that looks like the most expensive models out there, has impressive technical characteristics and is equipped with advanced features that bring fun back into workouts and help you perform WBV exercises with proper form and in a safe manner.

What makes G17 PRO unique on the market

Hypervibe’s G17 PRO gravity resistance training machine stands out not only through its innovative and modern design, but also through the numerous technical characteristics that recommend this platform as one of the most advanced vibration plates on the market.

The whole body vibration machine features a colour LCD screen with video playback, which allows you to choose from over 30 workout programs, based on your goals. However if you’re just starting with vibration training and don’t want to follow a specific training plan, you can use the machine on manual mode and set the parameters at the desired values for a more or less intense workout.

Just like its predecessor, Performance, the new G17 PRO can be used for a variety of health and fitness goals, from increased muscle strength and power or increased bone density and decreased back pain, to improved hormonal profile, decreased cellulite, improved circulation and neurological stimulation. Also, the vibrating plate from Hypervibe can be used for improving lymphatic drainage, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, improving body composition, increasing flexibility and balance and for therapy purposes in a series of systemic conditions.

It is a highly versatile machine with a modern shape, beautiful design and technical features created with the purpose of delivering a memorable experience to all users. The personal trainer that comes with this machine is perhaps the most important addition, being one of the highly appreciated features of the machine.

The workout routines that come with the platform vary from WBV circuits for circulation and full body strengthening to workouts for the pelvic floor muscles or for recovery. There are different levels you can choose from – beginner, intermediate or advanced, as well as a gallery of over 100 exercises that can be done individually, if you’re just starting with vibration training.

G17 PRO features live G force readings, being the first machine on the market with this characteristics, and is able to deliver 0.4 to 17.3 G’s and 5 to 35Hz of frequency. The workouts are also crafted for various health goals, from active aging and women’s health to weight loss, body training or recovery.

To learn more about G17 PRO, visit the product page or join our Facebook community and let us know if you have any questions regarding this revolutionary gravity resistance training machine.

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