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How whole body vibration training can benefit new mums

24th January 2015
how wbv can benefit new mums

Giving birth is a life-changing experience, but coming to terms with the way your body looks and feels in the first months post-pregnancy can be overwhelming for a new mum. With all the changes that take place during the nine-month and in the first weeks after delivery, it’s normal for a woman to feel tired, moody, and unprepared for coping with the physical and emotional changes.

Unfortunately, lots of the things that happen to your body after birth are unavoidable; the swelling of the tissues, the excessive bleeding, the digestive problems, hair loss, and discomfort appear in most women, and can make the recovery more difficult.

However, there are also a couple of post-partum symptoms that can be minimized or prevented to some lifestyle changes, and exercising on a whole body vibration machine on a regular basis is one of the solutions that can help you recover faster.

Common post-partum changes

One of the most frustrating consequences of pregnancy is the weight gain and the fact that in lots of cases the extra kilos come with stretch marks, swollen and painful legs, puffy eyes, and face, and changes in appetite and food preferences.

Even women who maintain a healthy lifestyle during the nine months can find it difficult to lose the baby weight and to get back to their pre-pregnancy eating habits, as the changes in hormone levels can cause cravings and make new mums eat foods they would otherwise refuse.

The increasing weight of the growing belly causes extra pressure on the lower body and can affect the circulation of blood and lymph in feet and legs, favoring water retention and cold limbs. Moreover, the additional weight can cause posture problems and back pain, and the impaired circulation of fluids can increase fatigue by decreasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Some of these problems can be prevented or minimized by exercising daily, as physical activities are helpful in restoring the normal flow of blood and lymph, boosting energy levels, and in stimulating the release of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Working out helps in regulating the appetite, can contribute to healthier sleep patterns, and is the best solution for getting back in shape without dieting. But let’s face it, with all the sleepless nights and changes in physical appearance, it’s really hard for a new mum to hit the gym in the first weeks after giving birth.

The desire to get back in shape faster is present without any doubt but the lack of energy and motivation prevents new mums from engaging in demanding fitness programs after giving birth. Here’s where whole body vibration training comes into play.

Benefits of vibration training for new mums

A whole body vibration machine allows women to exercise at home, in more comfortable conditions, and without having to worry about their current shape or weight. WBV workouts require less time than conventional exercises and can replace strength training, as they work on similar principles.

The energy waves sent through the body by the tilting vibrating platform make the muscles contract faster, and the G-force exerted by the machine adds resistance to the exercises, forcing one to work harder. This increases the energy expenditure and helps one burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, so this is why vibration training is often promoted as a method to lose weight faster and with less effort.

Exercising on a vibration machine is a low-impact activity so it’s more convenient for new moms who can still accuse pain and discomfort a few weeks after giving birth. This form of training doesn’t put unnecessary stress on joints; on the contrary, it warms them up and favors lubrication, improving flexibility.

WBV stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, being ideal for a quick energy boost and for relieving the swelling of the feet and ankles. By improving circulation, this form of workout can reduce the unattractive appearance of cellulite, which is a common issue after childbirth.

At lower frequencies, vibration platforms can also be used as massage tools, so they can relieve muscle tension and pain and help one relax after a tiring day. And the list of benefits of whole body vibration for new mums doesn’t end here. With a vibrating platform, one can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and speed up the recovery, and can tone their core area, improving posture and getting a flat belly faster.

One note here: some exercises can be too demanding for the weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, so before engaging in a whole body vibration routine, it’s recommended to ask for your physician’s advice. If you feel it’s too early to start exercising, you can simply use the WBV platform for relaxation and massage or for targeting other body areas, until you feel you’re ready to work out.

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