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Whole body vibration advanced balance routine (10 minutes)

09th October 2016
hypervibe whole body vibration routine for balance

Approximately one-third of seniors aged 65 years and above fall at least once a year, and up to 1/5 of them suffer multiple falls which lead to painful and slow healing fractures. Seniors are more susceptible to falls, but weak muscles and bones and balance problems can cause fractures in younger adults as well.

The most effective way to prevent falls and fractures is to practice balance exercises regularly and to do strength exercises at least twice per week, to build stronger muscles that can support the bones better, and to strengthen the bones at the same time.

Although at first sight falls may not seem such a serious issue, they’re among the leading causes of injury-related death in the elderly, and one of the main causes of disability in seniors, almost 10% needing ongoing assistance at home after suffering a fracture.

The exercises described in this article can be done on a Hypervibe whole body vibration machine and are done specifically for improving balance and strengthening the muscles and bones. They provide additional benefits, such as increased circulation and energy levels, better lymphatic drainage, and regulation of certain hormones, but their main role is to help in preventing falls caused by balance issues.

This routine doesn’t require additional fitness machines or tools: all you need is your Hypervibe vibration platform and 10 minutes of your time. You can do the routine twice per week, but for maximum results, you should combine balance exercises with cardio and strength training sessions.

To make sure you avoid injuries, you can hold the machine’s handles during the exercises for better balance. If the frequency indicated here doesn’t feel comfortable enough, decrease it to a level that suits your current fitness level, to do all exercises safely. Increase the intensity progressively, as your body gets used to whole body vibration, and make sure to maintain proper form: knees slightly bent, core engaged, abs contracted, and back straight.

Given below is an advanced Hypervibe whole body vibration routine for improving balance. Do each of these exercises for 1 minute, and take 10-second breaks between exercises if needed.

advanced balance wbv program

The first exercise, the basic stance, requires you to stand on the Hypervibe vibration platform with feet at #1, and legs straight. You can close your eyes for a more difficult exercise. Do this for 1 minute, then place your feet closer to the machine’s center, at #2, and start doing trunk rotations. First, your back should be parallel with the machine’s tower, but after 1 minute you can change the position as seen in picture number 3.

Continue the routine with step ups, done for 45 seconds for each leg. Keep your knees slightly bent and try not to bend too much when in the lunge position. Your back should be straight and head upright.

Exercise number 5 starts in the same position as 4, but this time you’re doing knee lifts. For this exercise it’s recommended to hold the machine’s handles, as it requires better balance and you may risk falling off the platform if the frequency is too high. Continue with classical lunges done for 45 seconds per side.

Then, switch to lateral step-ups. Do 45 seconds for each side, at a frequency of 15-18 Hz if you can maintain balance, and placing your foot on the platform at #3-4. Finally, end the routine with unsupported heel raises. For this exercise, place your feet at #4, and keep the back straight and legs extended. Repeat for 1 minute.

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