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Whole Body Vibration Exercises for a Congested Lymphatic System

12th September 2016
Whole body vibration exercises for a congested lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is one of the two circulatory systems in the body, its main role being to remove the debris from the organism so as to maintain a strong immune function. Nutrients are carried to cells through the lymph vessels, which then carries the cellular waste to the bloodstream, from where it is transferred to the kidneys, lungs and colon for elimination.

When this system isn’t working properly, the lymph vessels and nodes can become clogged and this can lead to a number of symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and excess fluid retention, constipation, back pain, depression and others.

The lymph is a clear fluid and the vessels are similar to blood vessels, but have thinner walls, are greater in number and compared to veins, they have more valves and a less sinuous course through the body. Lymph vessels are connected by lymph nodes which are found at various intervals and drain the lymph from the extracellular spaces to the arteriovenous circulation.

The capacity of the lymphatic system is of 2 litres of lymph, while the veins can carry 3.7 litres of fluid. As for lymph nodes, a normal, adult body contains around 450 lymph nodes, most of them being distributed in the abdomen and pelvis.

Since the lymphatic system contains no pump, the movement of lymph depends on the contractions of the surrounding muscles. Although the contractions of blood vessels can also stimulate lymph drainage, most of the movement results from skeletal muscle contractions. For this reason, the most efficient solutions for stimulating lymphatic drainage, in case of a clogged system, are those that cause muscle contractions, such as conventional exercise or whole body vibration for example.

Whole body vibration routine for a congested lymphatic system

The routine below can be performed on your Hypervibe whole body vibration machine on a weekly basis for improving the drainage of lymph and supporting the removal of excess water and debris from the body.

lymphatic drainage exercises whole body vibration Hypervibe

Ideally, each of these exercises should be performed for one minute, so you’ll need at least 10 minutes to perform the entire routine. If you’re not used to WBV you may prefer to take short breaks after each exercise. If you feel the frequency is too high during some of the movements, decrease it to a level that feels comfortable and increase progressively, as you get used with this form of exercise.

Keep the back straight, knees slightly bent and abs contracted throughout the workout. This routine isn’t meant to strengthen your muscles but to promote lymphatic drainage, however, you can benefit from the additional effects of WBV. To increase the intensity of the exercises and get more stimulation for your muscles or bones, you can increase the frequency or the amplitude. To decrease the amplitude, bring you feet or hands closer to the machine’s centre.

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