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Why Getting Fit in your 40s is Easier Than it Was in Your 20s

08th January 2016
img: A.M. Kuchling

Feeling nostalgic for those days when you could eat whatever you wanted and still stay in great shape without even trying?

Don’t feel too badly. Now that you’re a little older, getting in shape is harder in some ways—maybe you don’t have the naturally speedy metabolism of your youth or the time in your schedule to spend hours at the gym—but there are plenty of ways for the 40-year-old you (or 55-year-old you, or 78-year-old you) to get in shape that will make the 20-year-old you jealous.

Don’t believe us? Read on.


Was this playing, the last time you ate carbs? img: williamcho, used under cc by-sa 2.0


You’re comfortable.

You’re not a struggling college student working two jobs just to pay rent anymore. You’ve moved up in the world, advancing in your career, and you’ve carved out a comfortable space for yourself in the world. Maybe you have children who have left the nest.

This means a little more disposable income than you had when you were younger, allowing you to take advantage of certain things the young-adult you would have loved:

  • Fresh, healthy food—no more instant noodles for dinner!
  • Gym memberships
  • Personal trainers
  • A home gym
  • Adventure vacations—ziplining through the jungle, anyone?
  • Subscriptions to health- and wellness-related magazines

You’re wiser.

You have had time to learn what works for your body and what doesn’t.

Late nights with little sleep = bad. Long walks with friends = good.

You’ve aligned yourself with people who value wellness like you do, so getting together with friends is more likely to mean doing something fun and active than it once did.

You have seen fad diets and exercise methods come and go, and you know better than to just jump on the latest trends—you’ve weeded out the truth from the lies so following a healthy lifestyle is less try-and-try-again and more slow-and-steady-wins.

You’ve got technology on your side.

Some of the technology available to you now that 20-year-old you only wishes she’d had:

  • Highly accurate heart rate monitors
  • Gadgets that clip on your clothes and track your movement
  • High-tech, visually immersive treadmills that put you in the scene
  • Whole body vibration machines that get you fit in a fraction of the time
  • Scales that measure more than just weight, with a body composition readouts
  • Fitness apps for your smartphone that keep you motivated and engaged


My old pedometer was tough to clip on my belt. Img: michael pollak




With all these at your disposal, present-day you has huge advantages over past you.

In our youth-obsessed culture, we can get discouraged by the constantly streaming messages that happiness is only for the young. But while youth fades, your age comes with advantages that only increase with time.

Are you enjoying any of these advantages? You could be! Call us today and find out how easy it is to get the benefits of whole body vibration in the convenience of your living room.



by Kimberly Paine

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