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Do Vibration Plates Work? (Benefits – 2022) – Part 2

28th January 2022
do vibration plates work 2

Last week we made you acquainted with some of the biggest benefits linked to the regular use of the vibration plate. The comprehensive guide (Part 1) introduced you to the principle behind the vibrating plate exercise. Furthermore, we have answered the question “do vibration plates work”, and presented to you 10 of the vibration plate benefits, that have been scientifically proven.

In today’s article (Part 2) we are going to familiarise you with another 9 benefits of the vibration plate so that you can decide whether the equipment is the right fit for your personal fitness needs. Without further ado, let’s move to benefit number 11.

9 vibration plate benefits

11. The Vibration Plate Enhances Core Strength and Stability

Not only that the vibration plate will increase your muscle power, but it also will enhance your core strength and body stability. The way the body vibrating machine benefits your core muscles is by the fact that they will have to work way harder than normal, to stay in balance. All you need to do is take the appropriate position, such as the plank, and let the platform do the rest for you.

Furthermore, by strengthening your core muscle area, you reduce the risk of getting lower back pain. Just keep in mind that you might feel a little tired after the perfectly normal exercise, provided the fact that your muscles will contract at a much greater rate, compared to conventional exercise.

12. The Vibration Plate and Flexibility

The regular practice of whole-body vibration (WBV) has been associated with improved flexibility and a broader range of motion. The vibration plate offers unparalleled means for body stretching, even if you simply stand, sit, or perform yoga poses on it. This, in its turn, has been found to further reduce the risk of physical injury and enhance recovery.

All that is required from you is to choose the right settings, including G-force, frequency, and amplitude, and allow the mechanical oscillations to do their job. Thanks to the higher contraction rate that the muscles are exposed to during WBV, your body gets stronger and leaner in half the time and with less effort. Ultimately, this leads to a better balance, improved coordination, and enhanced flexibility.

13. Excellent for Home Use

Not enough time for commuting to the gym and back? No worries! Thanks to the technological advancements within the whole-body vibration field, the body vibrating platforms are now compact enough, to fit perfectly in your lovely home. No more excuses such as “Not enough time to go to the gym” or “The traffic is horrible today”.

Combined with a healthy diet and proper rest, the vibrating equipment will take you closer to your fitness goals, without the need for a gym membership. Due to the broad range of exercises it offers, the vibration plate benefits are truly great. Whether you want to shed some extra weight, boost your muscle power, or strengthen your bones, you can now do it from the convenience of your own home.

14. The Vibration Plate Improves Blood Circulation

As already mentioned, the vibration plate benefits your body in many different ways. Apart from the aforementioned positives of the equipment, scientists have discovered that WBV leads to improved blood circulation and a stronger cardiovascular system. This, in its turn, has been found to increase the oxygen supply to bodily tissues and to aid the healing processes of the organism.

Furthermore, whole-body vibration promotes lymphatic flow and allows blood to travel freely. Better blood circulation has also been linked with a reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Because of its positive effect on blood circulation, the vibrating platform has also been found helpful in pain relief and muscle spasm reduction.

15. Aids Injury Recovery

Because of its low-impact nature, the vibrating plate exercise is ideal for post-injury recovery. For that reason, the equipment has been used extensively within the rehabilitation setting. Numerous scientific studies reveal the vibration plate benefits for improving mobility, flexibility, and the joint healing processes of the body, following physical trauma.

What is even better is the fact that you can have the machine straight in your home, thus removing the need for commuting to the rehabilitation centre or the physiotherapy clinic. By improving your body’s flexibility and motion range, you decrease the level of stiffness around the injured tissues.

16. The Vibration Plate Benefits Balance

Due to its core muscle strengthening abilities, the vibrating platform is an ideal fitness tool for increasing body balance. As you improve your balance with time, you will be able to undertake more strenuous exercises on the plate and increase the level of settings, including the G-force, and the vibration frequency.

But this is not all! The improved balance will allow you to perform much better in all other sports, including your day-to-day activities. The oscillating plate makes your core and hip flexors work harder, eventually resulting in stronger joints. With time, you will start noticing that your body balance, coordination, and flexibility have improved significantly.

17. The Equipment Aids Post-workout Recovery

The post-injury recovery abilities of the vibrating platform make it an ideal tool for post-exercise cooling down. The massaging effect that is achieved by the equipment aids faster recovery from strenuous physical activities and substantially reduces the time needed for rest between workouts.

Additionally, scientists have discovered that when people use the body vibrating machine for cooldown, they are less likely to keep excessive lactic acid in the muscle tissues. That, in its turn, is associated with faster recovery and reduced muscle pain or stiffness.

18. The Vibration Plates Tackle Cellulite

Cellulite is an unpleasant condition that is characterised by the abnormal deposition of fat under the skin. The fatty tissue pushes the skin upwards, making it look dimpled and lumpy. The most affected areas usually are the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The case is quite similar to lipedema too, which is characterised by more or less the same symptoms as cellulite.

Thanks to its ability to improve blood circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, reduce weight and speed up fat burning rate, the vibrating machine offers useful means for fighting off cellulite and lipedema. When combined with a healthy eating pattern, whole-body vibration offers the shortest path to your desired body.

19. Allows Training as Part of a Group

Just as every one of us is unique, we all have our unique preferences when it comes to exercising. Some love being on their own when out jogging or mountaineering, enjoying the peace and quiet. At the same time, others lurve in the company of fellow fitness enthusiasts, finding it helpful and motivating.

Whether you fall in the former or latter category, you can make the best out of the vibration plate, according to your preferences. For instance, those of you who love training in a group can always join a whole-body vibration class or hop on the available vibration platforms in the gym with friends.

Final Words

Whole-body vibration offers a myriad of benefits encompassing more or less every health aspect of your body. Stronger muscles, denser bones, better circulation, accelerated physical recovery, and reduced weight, are just some of them.

Indeed, the body vibration machine is a unique piece of fitness equipment that has managed to improve the well-being of many people all over the globe. We hope that you are now much more confident when it comes to the body vibrating activity and will give it a chance to prove its capabilities.

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