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Strengthen your core muscles with Hypervibe’s G17 Gravity Resistance Training machine

18th February 2015
core wbv exercise

No matter what your fitness goal is, strengthening your core muscles should always be on your list of priorities, as a strong core not only improves your posture and prevents back pain, but also makes it easier to practice many physical activities and to perform daily tasks like carrying the groceries or moving things around the house in a safe manner.

Building strong abdominals, back and pelvic muscles reduces the risk of injury, allows you to maintain proper posture while working at your desk and contributes to better balance as well. What happens though is that lots of fitness enthusiasts focus only on the superficial muscles of the abdominal wall and think that having a visible six-pack equals having a strong core.

Although doing crunches and sit-ups can engage several muscles of the core and strengthen them, these aren’t the most effective exercises for someone who’s more interested in building a strong foundation than in shaping a nice six pack. An effective core workout consists of compound exercises that engage the abdominals, obliques, back muscles and pelvic muscles, and that require one to work in two planes and to use multiple joints at once.

Exercises like weighted squats, planks, burpees or deadlifts are excellent for this purpose, but for people who cannot do jumps or lift weights due to physical limitations, weak muscles or fragile bones, a low-impact activity like whole body vibration can be a safer and more efficient solution.

How WBV helps in building core strength

A whole body vibration machine sends vibration waves through your body, activating reflexes that cause the muscles to contract in order to protect the joints and other organs from excessive movement. The brain constantly monitors the position of joints, so when the platform starts moving and lifts you up, then drops you down, the brain automatically activates the muscle reflexes that stabilize your body.

The stimulation of muscles and implicitly the strength of muscle contractions depends on the strength of energy pulses sent by the platform. When the platform moves you up and down, it increases the load on muscles and bones, and this increased load causes more powerful contractions.

So on the one hand, your core muscles have to work harder to cope with the increased load, and on the other hand, they have to stabilize the body and maintain posture and balance while the platform moves up and down. This double effect can be enhanced by increasing the frequency or amplitude of the vibration waves during the WBV workout.

A higher frequency means that the platform moves faster and delivers more energy to the body, therefore the muscles have to respond by contracting and relaxing faster. Then, a higher amplitude means that the platform moves higher above the horizontal line, therefore the total amount of movement of joints and muscles is higher as well.

Finally, if the G-force or the load generated by the machine is high enough, the body becomes heavier and the core muscles have to work harder for performing even basic movements like bending or squatting. Through all these effects, a whole body vibration machine can contribute to building a stronger core area and to improving posture and balance.

Core training on Hypervibe’s G17 Gravity Resistance Training machine

The G17 whole body vibration machine is not only stylish and equipped with new features, but also powerful and intelligent, designed to maximize your workouts and to help you build stronger muscles and a more athletic body with minimum effort.

If you haven’t exercised on a vibration machine before, you might find it difficult to create a personalized routine focused on your core area, but the G17 gravity resistance training platform comes with over 100 exercises and over 30 goal-based programs that can be accessed on the colour LCD screen. This makes it easy to train even for beginners and for people who don’t know which exercises are better for the back muscles, abdominals or pelvic muscles.

The machine can generate a G-force of 0.4 to 17.3G’s, so you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout based on your current fitness level. As a general rule, a higher amplitude and frequency result in more stimulation, while a lower amplitude engages the muscles in a less significant manner when the frequency stays the same. To reduce the amplitude, all you have to do is bring your feet closer to the platform’s center.

And now let’s see what exercises you can perform on the G17 whole body vibration machine for strengthening your core area and building a more attractive physique. Planks and push-ups are excellent for this purpose, as they engage the back, abdominals and glutes, and help with strength and balance at the same time.

Squats, lunges, bridges, core twists, reverse push-ups, and oblique planks target the abdominal muscles, glutes and back muscles from different angles, while the basic stance, lateral raises and lower back exercises are great for strengthening the pelvic muscles and back area.

Before you engage in a whole body vibration routine for working your core, make sure you understand how WBV works, get familiar with its benefits and read about the safety measures that should be taken for injury-free workouts.

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